Counseling Services


Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Baldwin Wallace University Counseling Services is to support and enhance the personal growth and development of BW's student body.  Services provided are tailored to assist students in meeting their personal, academic, social, and career goals.  Services to meet the mental health needs of the BW student body are provided with an emphasis on maintaining the high standards of the counseling and psychological profession.  In that, a commitment to client confidentiality, ethical behavior and counseling practice that reflects current research and standards are central to our mission and daily practice.

Baldwin Wallace University Counseling Services is also committed to contributing to the region's ongoing efforts to train and produce quality clinicians in the field of counseling and psychology.  Toward this goal, Counseling Services has established itself as a highly sought after internship/practicum training site focused on maintaining exceptional standards of excellence in training counseling and psychology students as they meet requirements for internship/practicum placement, and ultimately, licensure.  Clinical experiences that include individual and/or group therapy, crisis intervention, campus outreach and intensive individual and group supervision provided by licensed mental health professionals are central to our model.                                                                                       

Our Vision

Counseling Services will reflect an emphasis on positive growth and development.  Services will not focus on psychological pathology; instead it will emphasize client strength and well-being.  Counseling Services will also reflect an attitude of responsiveness to the campus community.  Services will be developed to respond to the current needs and concerns of the student body.  Counseling Services will stay in touch with students and maintain a high level of visibility. 

Our Values

Diversity - Counseling Services is committed to providing a welcoming, affirming and inclusive environment for clients and staff.  Emphasis is placed on creating and maintaining a diverse staff with competence in providing multicultural counseling.

Creativity- Counseling Services encourages creativity as a gateway toward innovation and growth.  We believe that maintaining an attitude of creative openness benefits both client and staff.  Clients benefit with having access to services that they find current and accessible.  Staff benefit by working in an environment where their ideas are honored and supported.

Excellence - Counseling Services strives to provide the highest quality services consistent with professional standards.  Staff is to adhere to all professional and ethical standards.  Staff is also encouraged to remain current in the latest research on counseling practice.  Resources will be provided to ensure that staff has the ability to pursue professional development opportunities.

Friendliness - consistent with the College's commitment toward creating a supportive environment for its students, Counseling Services will create an atmosphere that is welcoming and approachable.  Students will find services easy to access and tailored to their individual needs and concerns.

Collaboration - while maintaining the rules of confidentiality for its clients, Counseling Services will make every effort to collaborate with the Division of Student Affairs, Baldwin Wallace University and the broader community.

A Holistic Approach - counseling will reflect a philosophy of seeing each student in a multidimensional manner.  Along with the psychological aspects of each client, dimensions such as gender identification, spirituality, race/ethnicity, culture, social and issues of development will all be considered when treating clients that seek our services.


Statement of Diversity

Because of our professional training and commitment, we at the Health & Counseling Center strive to be aware of and understand diversity in its broadest sense.

Because of who we are as people, we strive to affirm, promote, and celebrate that diversity.

Because we are human, we are still a work in progress, still learning about other cultures and ways of looking at, and moving through, the world.  We view this as an ongoing learning journey, never assuming we have quite arrived.

Because of our commitment to the affirmation and promotion of diversity, we invite students of every background to use our services with an expectation of respectful and compassionate treatment.

Discrimination in the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual/affectional orientation, physical & mental abilities, age, socio-economic status, or religious/spiritual beliefs is inconsistent with our mission and our values.  We do recognize that the active promotion of diversity often engenders a change process that includes conflict and strong emotions.  Such a process is natural.  Mutual respect, honest self-examination, and ongoing, open-minded discussion are the keys to the resolution of those differences.  We invite you to grow with us.

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