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Commuter Q & A

Who is considered a commuter?
All students who do not live on campus are considered commuters. Even if you live in house in Berea, you are considered a commuter.
What services are offered to commuters?
The OCS is here to make your time here. Besides programs and events, the Commuter Lounge is available to commuters. As well, the OCS publishes the Commuter Connection Newsletter with articles and tips about commuting. As well, Commuter Student Assistants (CSAs) help new students to get acquainted to BW.
Can commuters be involved on campus?
Of course! You don't have to be a resident to be a member of a student club, Student Senator, or go Greek.
 Who is allowed to use the Commuter Lounge?
 The Commuter Lounge is available only to Commuters. Commuters may bring one guest. You can study, hang out with friends, and check your email.
 What is the "best deal on campus?"
 Every Thursday at Noon, the Commuter Activity Board (CAB) hosts all-you-can eat pizza for only $2; also known as the "best deal on campus." Pizza is in the Student Activities Center (SAC).
 Who is CAB?
 CAB, or the Commuter Activity Board is a student organization dedicated to commuter and resident students. Throughout the year CAB hosts several events and outings, including Cabapalooza and Brummagem.
 Where is the OCS office located?
 The OCS office is located in the Bonds Administration Building. The office number is 110 and is located across from the Mail Room.



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