BW Scholars Program

Ladonna Norris
(440) 826-8519

Calvin Hulittle '12, one of the first BW Scholars who committed himself to four years of high school and another at Baldwin Wallace.

BW Scholars Program

As a pre-college access program, the primary purpose of the department is to ensure the Scholars' retention and graduation from high school, and ultimately the matriculation to higher education. To achieve this goal, the program has a model to equip young African American males with the confidence, skills, and knowledge which will allow them to view education as a conduit to their future success.

Academic Enrichment 

Summer Academy

Every summer, from 9th to 12th grade, students participate in a residential Summer Academy.  The BW Scholars live on the campus of Baldwin Wallace University for a part of their summer.  Each summer the young scholars stay between 3-5 weeks for supplemental academic enrichment. The scholars are treated like any other college student on campus; equipped with ID Cards that gives them access to the library, computer labs, residence halls, the student union, campus recreation center, etc. This opportunity gives the scholars a sense of responsibility and ownership of their academic progress.   

Academic Coursework

As the students' sacrifice a part of their summer, it is no walk in the park! Each summer the scholars are taught by award-winning professors at BW. English, Math, and Science are the subjects that do not vary between the years. It has been tested and proven that in many cases these 3 core subjects are problem areas for students from the Cleveland area, so we make it mandatory that each summer experience involves improving in those areas. Along with those crucial courses, over the four summers electives such as Problem Solving, African-American History, Physics, etc. are taken by this group of ambitious young men.

Career Preparation 


For the average high school student the summer is a time for summer jobs. Understanding the eagerness displayed by our students to get their first "real" job, we help them find internships for the remainder of their summer. This is not an average summer job, they are internships based on the student's particular interest. This program has successfully landed internship at the Board of Education, CVS, the Mayor's Office, Partnership For A Safer Cleveland, The Fire Department, The Water Company, etc. This gives our student a chance to earn some extra money and gain meaningful relations.

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