Buildings and Grounds


Mission Statement

Buildings & Grounds Department and how it supports the University's Mission

The Buildings & Grounds department supports the Baldwin Wallace University Mission statement by providing a supportive environment that is committed to providing quality services to students, faculty and staff in a responsive and caring manner. Examples of this are:

  1. Creating a comfortable environment for learning and living by regulating building heating, cooling, electrical, gas and water system.
  2. Responding to crisis on campus to help protect the safety of students, staff, and faculty. (i.e.;)
    • Plumbing problems
    • Heating problems
    • Ice/snow problems
    • Electrical problems
    • Other building problems
  3. Maintaining existing security systems to a high degree of readiness. Installing new fire protection and security systems. Involving local authorities in inspecting facilities and systems.
  4. Maintaining a high degree of professionalism, workmanship and integrity in all aspects of what Buildings & Grounds does.
  5. Renovating existing facilities to meet today's needs.
  6. Maintaining and improving the outdoor learning environment of the campus. B&G creates and maintains a safe, clean, functional landscape for students, faculty and staff by:
    • Supporting outdoor events for the campus community and offering a positive first impression to visitors of our campus and community.
    • Maintaining safe walkways and parking lots through snow removal, salting and repairing any tripping hazards.
    • Continuing to make improvements that not only add to beautification but address the needs of accessibility for our handicap students.
    • Instituting and maintaining a Safety Program including an MSDS Program that ensures staff, students, and local emergency responders that they will have accurate and immediate information in the need of an emergency.
    • Receiving, documenting and delivering, in a timely manner, items important and necessary to the daily functioning of the campus. (i.e. lab animal deliveries)
  7. By preparing our Campus for the Future. Examples are:
    • Keeping facilities updated through new construction.
    • Mentoring work studies and helping to prepare students by teaching them life skills.
  8. Studying and implementing new ways to keep our University environmentally friendly.
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