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CITI Training

Basic Human Subject Research (HSR) modules are suitable for all persons involved in research studies involving human subjects, or who have responsibilities for setting policies and procedures with respect to such research, including institutional review boards. These modules are typically assembled into a basic course, which is the learner's first exposure to the content. Refresher modules, which can be assembled into refresher courses presented to learners at intervals defined by the institution, are designed to provide continuing education in human subjects research issues.

BW requires all investigators to register a Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) account in order to complete the Basic Social-Behavioral Educational modules. The steps below will assist you in the registration process. The details below highlight REQUIRED information for participants registering as Investigators for Basic Human Subject Research, which applies to MOST students and faculty on this campus. Please read all prompts as you register and only provide information that is applicable to your situation.

Go to the website to register and complete the training.

  1. Click the link and choose to Register
  2. In step 1 under "Participating Institutions" type in Baldwin Wallace University
  3. Select Continue to Step 2 
  4. Complete the rest of the registration information in steps 2-5
  5. In step 6 of “Learner Registration” for "Role in human subjects research:" choose Principal Investigator
  6. In step 6 of “Learner Registration” for "Which course do you plan to take?:" choose Basic Human Subjects - Social & Behavioral Focus
  7. In step 7 “Select Curriculum – Baldwin Wallace University” Screen, choose the Social & Behavioral Research Investigators option
  8. Click the “Complete Registration” button at the bottom of the screen
  9. On the Main Menu Screen, you can see the course you are enrolled in under the Baldwin Wallace University Courses tab. Click on the name of the course to ENTER and begin completing the course modules.


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