Diversity Affairs

Charles "CJ" Harkness
Director for Campus Diversity Affairs
(440) 826-2426

Diversity, Integration and Inclusion Committee

2010-12 Charge

In collaboration with Human Resources and Diversity Affairs, the Diversity, Integration and Inclusion Committee's (DIIC) charge is to implement and coordinate a campus-wide professional development series that fosters multicultural and intercultural competencies among all employees at Baldwin Wallace University.

Competencies might include:  improving our understanding of students with disabilities; an awareness of gender differences; learning more about LGBT communities in the workplace; communicating across generations; international inclusiveness; a deeper understanding of race and ethnicity; and a differential treatment based on social class or perceived social class.

In addition, during the 2010-12 periods, the DIIC will monitor and track progress related to the Diversity Audit and the recommendations therein.

Committee Members:

  • Ericka Walker-Smith, Financial Aid
  • Jack Winget, Theatre and Dance Departmen
  • Kris Diaz, Athletics Department
  • Veronica Drdek, Student Affairs/Diversity Affairs
  • Patricia Melton, Upward Bound
  • Ellen Poseman, English Department
  • Kinsley Magpoc, Information Technology
  • Dylan Fujimura, Theatre and Dance Department
  • Bryan Bowser, Conservatory of Music
  • Kris Diaz, Health & Physical Education Department
  • Glenda Crossman, Communications Department
  • Julio Cumba, Admission Department
  • Mark Boyette, Buildings and Grounds
  • Winnie Gerhadt, Admission
  • Melanie Coleman, Multicultural Student Services
  • Soledad Vasquez, Alumni Relations
  • Karen Barahona, Foreign Language
  • Jim McCargar, Chemistry Department
  • Emilia Lombardi, Health & Physical Education
  • Christie King Shrefler, Exploration/Study Abroad


  • Mylonne Sullivan, Diversity Affairs - Intern 


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