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Diversity Courses at Baldwin Wallace University 2009-2010

At Baldwin Wallace University we value and appreciate that having a diverse curriculum supports our mission and produces graduates that function well in multicultural and intercultural environments.  Students can take courses that stretch their imagination in a plethora of ways: Jazz History, Multicultural Psychology, Women in Western Civilizations, and Media and Diversity are just a few examples.  In addition, all students are required to take LAS 200 which "is designed as a common experience across all sections, we use the ideas of great thinkers to consider how culture shapes human behavior, human relationships and the relationship between people and the natural world, both in the past and today."

Moreover, student are able to put their theoretical foundation to good use by participating in a variety of co-curricular initiatives that extend beyond the classroom.  Service learning, community service and volunteering are often incorporated in to syllabi and classroom content.  Rigorous debate and intentional listening are encouraged in the context of understand and grasping the concepts of multiple identity development.  Please find the list of course offerings to be a reflection of our belief that we prepare students to think critically while increasing their aptitude and appreciation for cultural awareness.
 BW's Multicultural/Intercultural Course Offerings 2009-2010

The list was compiled by Multicultural Student Services. Source: Baldwin Wallace University Catalog 2009-2010

The compiled course list may not be offered each semester.  However, they represent a broad range of course offerings available at Baldwin Wallace University.  Questions related to a single course should be directed toward the academic department listed.  General inquiries related to the compiled course list should be directed to the Office Diversity Affairs at (877) 608-2424.


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