Diversity Affairs


The Black Forum

The Black Forum advocates on behalf of Black faculty and staff and other people of color.   

In the spirit of maintaining harmony and diversity, and furthering the College’s mission we are committed to helping the College be responsive to the needs of Blacks and other people of color to ensure that the aforementioned community is equitably represented at BW.  On an annual basis, The Forum takes part in sponsoring and in collaboratively working with the BW community to ensure the following goals are carried out. 

GOALS (an abbreviated list)

- promote the interests of Black faculty and staff
- offer assistance to the college with the recruitment of Black and other faculty and staff of color
- assist in welcoming and orienting new Black faculty, staff and students, and other people of color
- serve as a resource bureau of informed people for Baldwin Wallace University and the broader community


The membership of the Black Forum shall be open to all full and part-time faculty and staff at Baldwin Wallace University whose primary concerns include, but are not limited to, increasing awareness of issues and concerns of Blacks and other people of color. 

Each year a newly elected executive board is charged to promote community dignity and respect in the community in the spirit of the ancestors which include previous African Americans that have given their careers to the mission of Baldwin Wallace University.

Contact Information:  Mila Cooper, Co-Chair

                                        Ericka L. Walker-Smith, Co-Chair

                                        Kenneth Atchinson, Treasurer




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