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Baldwin Wallace University is many things to many people. It is high quality learning with attentive faculty and staff and pre-professional training for talented students. It is the opportunity for experiences which transform lives and contribute to the betterment of society. Together, all of these aspects are part of the University's "brand," which is a name we give to the overall perception that the larger world has of Baldwin Wallace University.

A brand is not simply a mark, logo or symbol. It constitutes a pledge the University makes to those who look to us for leadership and excellence in higher education. It is important that we deliver on this pledge, and that we effectively communicate it to the public. Trust is the key to building mutually beneficial relationships with people who are important to us. And trust is built through consistency in performance and in communication. Consistency and coordination in communications are central to our ability to build public awareness of what we stand for and to communicate the quality of a BW experience.

One aspect of the Baldwin Wallace University brand is our visual identity. When the public views an item that carries the BW visual identity, they form or modify an opinion about us; our character, values, standards and goals. More than colors, seals and logos, our identity is an important communications tool and must be used appropriately. This becomes increasingly significant as we seek to define and differentiate ourselves in the increasingly crowded marketplace of higher education.

Like any professional and successful organization, we need to communicate our excellence through a unified identity, which strengthens our University brand. This guide creates a framework whereby all University organizations, departments and divisions can present themselves to our constituents with a unified look.

We hope you will find these guidelines to be useful.


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