Federal Work-Study Offers Flexibility, Boosts Finances & Skill Development

A component of most financial aid awards, Federal Work-Study can be a key opportunity for students to finance their education while gaining valuable career experience and networking connections.

While most students and parents are familiar with the merits of part-time employment, the logistics of juggling studies and work can be harried at times.  Off-campus jobs, in particular, can be demanding with regard to the number of work hours per week as well as fluctuating work shifts.

Without discrediting the benefits of off-campus employment, there are numerous reasons why Federal Work-Study financial aid can be a smart choice.


Because academic success is a priority to students, their families and the campus community, BW administrators, faculty and staff are interested in the well being of student workers.  Therefore, most supervisors are accommodating when it comes to setting work schedules and in releasing students from work commitments when there are imperative personal and/or academic-related conflicts.  

Two- or three-hour breaks between classes may not work well for off-campus jobs, but these time slots are perfect for campus work because they facilitate opportunities to work a few hours during the day.  In many cases, campus jobs can be arranged around a student's academic schedule, allowing for evening study sessions as well as social commitments.

In addition, Federal Work-Study positions are ideal for students who don't have cars as well as for students who are trying to be budget conscious by limiting their gas expenditures.

Financial Incentives

Federal Work-Study is a shared institutional and federally funded program, which provides students with part-time jobs in which they earn a paycheck to help them with college expenses, such as textbooks and tuition.  The number of hours a student is permitted to work on campus is determined by the dollar amount of his/her Work-Study award.

As part of the Federal Work-Study program, students may not have Social Security/Medicare taxes withheld from their earnings.  In addition, the Federal FAFSA application for the next academic year, allows Federal Work-Study wages earned to be excluded from the students Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

Career Experience
With a variety of jobs available on campus, students may be interested in trying to find positions that align with their personal and/or career interests.  For example, BW's Information Technology department can be an ideal place for students majoring in that field.   Likewise, departments looking for computer savvy individuals may have positions that enable students to develop and hone technical skills.  In addition to having the benefit of earning Federal Work-Study wages, students can gain valuable professional skills as well as resume material.


Depending on the site of their employment, students who have on-campus positions can meet administrators, faculty and other individuals who can help them in a variety of ways (i.e., graduate school and/or job references, mentoring and internship connections).

Positions Available Now
Students who qualify for Federal Work-Study can apply for on-campus jobs anytime, including prior to the start of the academic year.  Students without Federal Work-Study may apply for a position beginning the fourth week of the fall semester or anytime thereafter. Work-Study jobs are posted online.


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