Liberal Arts Boosts Career Marketability

Today's competitive job market and economy require employees to have a career palette of competencies that include analytical thinking, problem solving, communication and team building.

A liberal arts education, with its foundation rooted in the humanities, sciences and social sciences, offers students transferable skills. This means your student won't be limited to one career path, but will have the skills necessary for being an effective communicator and thinker who is able to adapt to changing workplace needs .

The National Association of Colleges and Employers, which surveys U.S. employers about job hiring practices, found employers prefer candidates with the right skill sets rather than the right majors. They value strong communication skills, honesty/integrity, teamwork skills and motivation/initiative.

A liberal arts-based program fosters these attributes because it combines a solid core curriculum with the flexibility to take courses both within and outside of one's major. Small class sizes and personalized faculty interaction encourage a student to not only suggest new ideas but to challenge existing ones.  

For these reasons and more, research has found graduates of liberal arts-based programs often advanced more quickly to middle and senior management positions than persons who followed more specialized programs of study.

Beyond career benefits, a liberal arts background creates awareness about social and cultural issues and their relation to family, social and civic life.

Your student will learn the value of analyzing and synthesizing information from different disciplines and cross referencing their use.  In addition, he/she will gain proficiency in reasoning and in effective challenging, and learn to write and speak in a manner that is persuasive, purposeful and articulate.   

So, encourage your student to pick courses that are diversified and challenging.  After all, college isn't just about landing a first job. It's about preparing for a lifetime of career and personal growth.

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