Internships Apply Learning to Real World

Challenging, fast paced and competitive—today's job market can seem like a whirlwind of activity and expectation.

Whether your student is planning to work for an organization that is profit or not-for-profit oriented, family-owned or corporate, local or multinational in scope, he/she is expected to have a range of personal and professional attributes.

Internships, paid or unpaid, are opportunities for your student to gain personal, academic and professional growth through work experiences that relate to his/her academic major and career interest.  Benefits include:


  • fosters self-confidence, self-reliance and maturity in areas relating to job performance.
  • builds competencies in oral and written communication  skills, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • allows for opportunities to hone people skills.


  • applies classroom theory and learning to real-world experiences.
  • enables earning academic credit.
  • expands learning through hands-on opportunities and resources that differ from those on campus.


  • encourages sampling career paths to experience day-to-day responsibilities and challenges inherent to potential positions.
  • develops career-related competencies in interviewing and networking.
  • provides valuable resume-enhancing experiences.
  • establishes potential job contacts.

Students are encouraged to begin their internship search early.  Internship searches can take up to six months to implement, particularly if students are applying by application, need a security clearance, or plan to conduct an internship abroad or in another city.  Career Services offers Internship Orientation Workshops.  In addition, internship listings can be found through the BW Career Network or via the annual Career and Internship Expo.

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