How Can My Student Boost His/Her Chances of Getting a Job?

Will I get hired in my career field?

Whether graduation is nine months away, four years or even six, this question lingers in the mind of every student.  Parents consider it as well.  A study by found that 80 percent of today's college graduates have moved back into their parents' homes after graduation.  That's up from 67 percent in 2006.

While there is no guarantee for success, there are ways students can enhance their career marketability.  Beyond good grades and solid academic and co-curricular involvement, there are broad-based skills and personal attributes that impress employers.

Co-curricular involvement, athletics, resident assistant positions, experiential learning activities and other initiatives offer opportunities for students to build competencies in:

Foresight, impeccable organizational and teamwork skills, and the drive to excel are integral to leaders.  They mentor students and build ties with college, business and civic leaders.  They are idea generators, problem solvers and optimists who motivate others to do their best work. 

Strong verbal, written and computer literacy skills can set job candidates apart from competitors.  Beyond articulation, poise and  manners, good communicators are adept listeners, quick thinkers and competent presenters. Today's advent into social media presents an opportunity for students to utilize that medium for networking and business purposes. Their familiarity with its technical and social use can make them an asset for organizations wanting to venture into that area.

These skills impress employers because they foster cohesiveness at work as well as reflect integrity and dedication.  Such individuals are committed to an organization and its mission, make decisions with objectivity and intelligence, act cooperatively and without pretense, and are proactive in getting involved. 

Interpersonal proficiency
Confidence, composure and assertiveness are among the most valued interpersonal skills sought by employers.  These traits combined with an ability to manage conflict, appreciate and respect diversity, and have a sense of humor are well respected and in demand.

Personal accountability
Honesty, loyalty, reliability, open-mindedness, diligence and self-motivation rank high.  They are the foundation of a person's reputation.

Passion for success
Demonstrated drive and passion reflected through words and actions attract attention and leave a favorable impression.

Left- and right-brained aptitude
Out-of-the-box thinkers who can bridge creativity with practicality are prized for their decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. They can readily assess situations, seek multiple perspectives, identify opportunities, and follow through to produce results. 

Managing multiple assignments and tasks, setting priorities and adapting to changing conditions and work assignments are skills essential to management.  Most college students who juggle classes, work and co-curricular activities know the importance of being organized.


Maintaining a forward-thinking outlook is key in today's changing market.  Persons who are open to change and willing to learn new skills boost their employment rating.

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