Focusing on Success: Action Plan Guides Students

A practical as well as personalized tool, the B-W Action Plan helps your student formulate a comprehensive college experience that includes strong academics, solid leadership opportunities and engaging co-curricular activities.  A formalized yet flexible tool, it offers your student the framework for recording experiences, documenting skills and storing portfolio work from freshman through senior years.  

A key component in the Action Plan is e-portfolio, an online tool for your student to document thoughts and important works–including papers, research reports, projects and more.  Through e-portfolio, your student can store information about academic achievements and co-curricular activities for use in creating a resume and career portfolio.

Each student’s Action Plan is divided into four parts:  Be Curious, Be Real, Be Connected and Be Successful.  Together, these areas represent the synergy of a B-W liberal arts-focused education:  curriculum, experiential learning, co-curricular involvement and advising/mentoring.

Through foundational core courses as well as focused classes within his/her major and minor, your student will experience the benefits of a liberal arts education.  Challenging and compelling, these B-W courses will prepare your student for today’s competitive job market where a palette of career competencies–analytical thinking, problem solving, communication and team building–are needed.

Experiential Learning
Your student will gain valuable personal/professional skills, networking contacts and resume-enhancing material through internships, field experiences, research studies, service learning and explorations/study abroad opportunities.  In addition, he/she can participate in engaging initiatives like our Carmel Living/Learning Center, Faculty-Student Collaborative Scholarship, David Brain Program in Leadership Studies and Language Across The Curriculum opportunities.

Studies show that students who participate in college clubs/organizations and team sports are more likely to enjoy college life and succeed academically than those who are not involved. In addition, students who engage in co-curricular activities benefit from enhanced resumes and networking contacts upon graduation.

For these reasons and more, B-W has 21 varsity sports and over 100 campus groups offering social, cultural, recreational, leadership and service opportunities.  These organizations provide your student with fun, fellowship, and personal and professional benefits beyond the classroom.

Through the Action Plan, your student will begin to identify his/her intellectual interests and career goals/objectives and develop a basic road map that can guide him from freshman through senior years.  Along the way, B-W faculty members and staff will be there to help. Through the Offices of Academic Advising, Career Services and Student Life–your student will receive mentoring and assistance in self and career exploration. 

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