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First-Year Articles Featured in Parent Connect Newsletter

Countdown to College: Is Your Student Ready? 
Connecting to BW
Career Planning: Getting Started Now
First Semester: Understanding the Dynamics
Managing Academic Difficulties
Academic Advising is Important
Freedom and Responsibility: Encouraging Positive Choices

Safeguarding Students:  Being Aware of Alcohol-Related Issues
Getting Involved: Activities Enrich College Life
Staying Healthy: Tips to Help Your Student
Supporting Your Student During Roommate Conflicts
Staying Safe: Tips to Help Your Student
Redefining Your Relationship: Welcoming Your Student Home
Restrain or React: Should a Parent Get Involved?
Understanding Student Privacy: Guidelines for Parents
BW Graduation Plan Keeps Students on Track 
Budgeting and Balancing: Helping Your Student Manage Money
Commuters are a "Driving Force"
Financing College: Understanding and Assessing Options
Connecting Through Volunteerism
Mentoring Fosters Personal and Professional Growth
Focusing on Academics: Choosing a Major
Why Employers Like Problem Solvers
Internships Encourage Real-World Learning
Being Proactive: Steps for Career Success
Experiential Learning: Opportunities Beyond the Classroom
Service Activities Foster Career Preparation
Counseling Services Helps Students Manage Anxiety
Looking Ahead:  Preparing for Sophomore Year
Building Connections:  Fostering Community Through Cultural Awareness



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