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BW Helps Guide Campus Sustainability Efforts in Northeast Ohio

Baldwin Wallace University is taking a leadership role in furthering sustainability on college campuses through its role in the Campus Sustainable Practices Consortium (CSPC), an initiative uniting six colleges/universities in Northeast Ohio in being agents of change and innovation in reducing carbon footprints and adopting positive sustainable practices on their campuses.

Under the direction of David Krueger, Ph.D., professor of business administration and director of the Institute for Sustainable Business Practice, the consortium is funded by the Cleveland Foundation and Gund Foundation.  CSPC is comprised of Baldwin Wallace University, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, John Carroll University and Oberlin College.  

"As the sustainability movement has become more widespread, its penetration into institutions of higher education has been significant," noted Krueger.  "Nationally, membership to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education has grown rapidly as institutions look to it as being an incubator for ideas and best practices.  Likewise, within our state and region, individuals from across academic institutions have begun to exchange ideas.

"Thus, the time was right to convene a formal group of representatives from area institutions to share challenges, successes and failures, and growing innovations in hope of incubating and stimulating more rapid and intentional adoption of sustainable practices," he continued.

Krueger went on to say that CSPC is a year-long initiative that focuses on identifying and implementing tangible sustainability outcomes in the areas of energy, waste and water usage reduction, and on changing organizational cultures and management structures to more readily adopt sustainable practices. 

"We want to collectively exercise regional leadership in stimulating broad, cross-sectoral attention to the vital need to embrace practices of organizational sustainability, especially as they relate to the need for reductions in carbon-based energy consumption," explained Krueger.  "If our region is to fully embrace sustainability, institutions of higher education must move from laggard to leader status to better engage in their mission as learning communities to focus on the needs of their local communities.  We believe we can be exemplars of change and innovation for sustainability."

A leader in sustainability programming, Baldwin Wallace launched the Midwest's first undergraduate major in sustainability, an interdisciplinary program that includes the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and business administration.  BW continues to make strides in advancing its own sustainability efforts, which include energy conservation; conversion to clean energy sources; waste reduction, recycling, and composting; consideration of the integrity of the ecosystem in which the campus resides; and community relations.  BW's Ernsthausen Hall was the first residence hall in Ohio to utilize environmentally friendly GeoExchange technology for heating and cooling

For more information about the Campus Sustainable Practices Consortium, contact Krueger at (440) 826-5923 or at

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