Strategic Plan


Continuing Efforts

The following items are closely tied to the mission and Guiding Principles and are considered essential to the long-term viability of the College. Thus, we will seek ways to advance these items on a continuous basis.

  1. To evaluate, modify and implement the campus master plan and establish priorities.
  2. Evaluate, plan for and implement physical improvements to our residence halls to create attractive living/learning spaces that meet the contemporary needs of students to aid in the recruitment and retention of students.
  3. Expand and strengthen the partnership between the Alumni Office and the Admissions Office to enlist more BW alumni in recruiting efforts.
  4. Identify, develop and promote programs of distinction.
  5. To develop activities that enhance positive morale of campus employees and students
  6. Support ongoing professional development of faculty, administrators and staff
  7. Provide opportunities for collegial and community interaction
  8. Communicate and raise awareness of the College's definition of diversity
  9. To identify, cultivate and implement mutually beneficial partnerships and projects between Baldwin Wallace University and external organizations that will create new opportunities for our students, faculty, staff and alumni, address community needs and strengthen BW's stature and external awareness
  10. Collaborate with city and community partners on projects to improve the lives of the people living in Berea and the immediately surrounding communities
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