Strategic Plan

The Baldwin Wallace University strategic plan intended to be a living, dynamic document that serves as a guide for the future direction of the institution.

Last Updated: October 2010

It recommends specific goals and strategies and provides direction for members of the Baldwin Wallace community to work together to fulfill our mission. The order of the goals and strategies in this document follows the steps students take from the time they consider BW to the time they graduate and give back to their community and the College. Baldwin Wallace University will review and update this plan annually. A committee comprised of faculty, administrators and staff members will be responsible for monitoring the progress of this strategic plan and assisting in implementation.

The officers of the College in consultation with Trustees, faculty and staff will evaluate all facets of BW that impact the quality of student experience and develop a long range vision for the size of the student body, selectivity and achievable ratios of students to personnel and facilities.

Baldwin Wallace University has achieved considerable success since its founding more than 160 years ago as an institution related to the United Methodist Church. We enjoy an excellent reputation, strong enrollments and considerable growth in the endowment. Now we must build a future on the foundation that has served us well for many years.

The Guiding Principles

Among the principles that guide the College and the strategic planning process are:

  • Baldwin Wallace University is committed to the values of a liberal arts education and dedicated to excellence in its educational programs for all students.
  • Baldwin Wallace University is committed to an intellectually and culturally diverse community of learning that supports individual growth and development of students, faculty and staff.
  • Baldwin Wallace University is committed to strategically align and responsibly manage its human, programmatic, technological and financial resources to fulfill its mission and to operate within a balanced budget annually.
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