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Five Professors Recognized for Excellence
Congratulations to five Baldwin Wallace faculty members who won awards at Ovation:
Kelly Coble (Philosophy), Amy Jo Sutterluety (HPE), Barbara Palmer ( Political Science),
Thomas Sutton (Political Science), David Krueger (Business)
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Ovation is the annual celebration of student success and achievement. View photos from Ovation 2013.

Musical performances were among the highlights of Ovation.

Among the many activities, a poster session enables students to showcase their academic work.

2013 Ovation Materials


Abstract Booklet

Ovation Celebrates Student Scholarship, Research

Ovation is a campus-wide celebration of student creativity, research and academic and artistic achievement.

Ovation 2013 celebrated the creativity, research and academic and artistic achievement of BW students. Held on Saturday, April 27, the annual event showcased the best of BW for students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and members of the wider community.

More than 200 students, representing all academic divisions the University, presented their work in the form of posters, displays, live presentations and performances. The day concluded with a campus-wide Honors Award Ceremony that recognized 110 students with scholarships and awards and honored five faculty members for their dedication to teaching and learning.

2013 Ovation Winners


Evaluation of Biocidal Activity, Cytotoxicity, and Ecotoxicity of Antibacterial Surface Coatings
Student: Kara Gawelek
Faculty: Mike Kovach

The Effects of Aspartame on Motor Neuron Development in Danio rerio
Student: Leah Barto
Faculty: Jackie Morris

Neuroimaging and an Internal Domain of Privacy
Student: Daniel McGivern
Faculty: Kelly Coble


Student(s): Alex Syiek, Andrew Leslie Cooper
Faculty: Scott Plate


Invisible Americans: Learning by Teaching Refugees in Ohio City
Student(s): Michelle Kupiec, Sarah Borror
Faculty: Amy Story

People's Choice Winner

Finding Ubuntu: An Adventure in Cape Town, South Africa
Student: Heather Schier

2013 Honors Day Award Recipients

Student Recognition

A.Fred Crossman Leadership Prize
David Flegal

Alan Blumenthal Prize in Student Government
Patrick Mahoney

Dr. Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Leadership
Courtney DeSchepper

Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Outstanding RA
Amanda Bannister

Barbara H. Fortin Award for Outstanding First-Year RA
Brianna Carter

Bonnie Raye Scholar/Athlete Award
Brooke Hamilton

Clyde Lamb Scholar Athlete Awards
Julie Pinter
Benjamin Umbel

Kenneth F. Steingass Outstanding Senior Male Athlete Award
Mitch Supan

Outstanding Senior Woman Athlete Award
Julie Pinter

Overmyer Achievement Award
Daniela Muhaj

Will Richmond Prize in Photography
Brittney Callahan

Outstanding Senior Awards Class of 2013
Elise Wallis
Jennifer Evans
Rebecca Kapusta
Cory McComas
Marika "JoBeth" Roll
Joe Luchsinger
Richard Teel
Alissa Smith

Student Senate Faculty Excellence Award
David Krueger

Student Senate Staff/Administrator Excellence Award
Ruth Hancock

The Professor David Prok Humanitarian Award for Social Justice in Sex and Gender Diversity
Patrick Pilger
Rachel Scagnetti

Academic Recognition

Michael Keith Dwyer Art Scholarship
Grace McConnell

Dr. Harold Cole Scholarship
Maximillian Shroyer

Biology Merit Award
Kelsey Amidon

Ruegsegger Prize in Biology
Rachel Bellis

The Calvin A. Smith Prize in Botany
Samuel Crepcia

John W. Miller Zoology Prize
Casey McKenna

The Mark Gorman Scholarship
Benjamin Brown

Kenneth & Lucy McCauliff Scholarship
Sean Anderson

Amling Investment Award
Nicholas Kudej

Dr. Jacob O. Kamm Award
Brendan Toughy

Lubrizol Foundation Business Administration Award
Rose Bona

Ralph M. Dunbar, Jr. Scholarship
Mark Pudlinski
Jennifer Martin

Walter & Elaine Mueller Scholarship
Julie Ryans

Willard E. and Donna J. Carmel Scholarship
Katherine Bennie

Chemistry Department Memorial Scholarship
Michael Brennan
Benjamin Brown

Lubrizol Foundation Chemistry Award
James Dobscha

Harry and Louise Kiefer Chemistry Scholarship
Aaron Hawke

Norman Wells Chemistry Scholarship
Melissa Hoffbauer

Adult Senior Academic Awards
James Brown
Mauricio Duarte
Christine Jagniszczak
Michael Jordan
Thomas Joyce

Pavsek Award for Excellence in Economics
Daniela Muhaj

Dr. Albert L. Gray, Jr. Prize in Economics
Gabriel Adams

Greg Pett Award
Rachel Scagnetti

Jess & Arline Petty Scholarship
Erin Amschlinger

Division of Education Scholarship Fund
Leah Majernik

Alice Benedict Gagen Prize in Elementary Education
Courtney Kula

Harold A. & Louise Cramer White Prize
Steven Yanke

Ted & Irene Theodore Scholarship
Grant Fairhurst
Nicole Smith
Caitlyn Wentz

A. W. "Bud" Collins, Jr. Prize for Creative Writing
Christopher Quinn

Amelia & Clara Harding Scholarship
Heather Biernacki
Laura Lagania
Alexandra Shaw

Bertha L. Stiefel Scholarship in English
Edward Habat
Ashley Hawley

English Department Essay Prize
Armand De Asis
Laura Lagania

Ruby Redinger Prize in English
Mary Beth Harral-Tweardy

Dr. Neille & Jeanne Shoemaker English Scholarship
Alexandra Farone
Matthew Gesicki
Kayse Schmucker

Robert Howells Memorial English Scholarship
Alexandria Farone

Twila Haines Coxon and A. William Coxon, M.D. Scholarship
Nichole Campeotto
Matthew Gesicki

A.B. & Georgianna Bonds Scholarship
Michelle Collins

Dr. William D. and Mary Pendell Memorial Scholarship
Michelle Kupiec
Allison Williams
Rachel Nedlik

Hower/Stover Award
Natalie Robbins

Dr. Robert H. Lechner Memorial Service Award
Jason Roberto

Lee Tressel Scholarship
Kari Trivisonno

David R. and June Demmerle Scholarship
Joshua Dolnosich

Dr. Cornelius D. Penner Memorial Award
Dominique Pen

George R. Grame Award
Michelle Collins

Charles & Elsie Little Scholarship Fund
Allison Biaglow

Dr. Anthony & Patricia Lauria Scholarship in Computer Science and Information Systems
Benjamin Gentzel

Dr. Emory C. Unnewehr Award
Daniel Candrea

O. L. Dustheimer Astronomy Prize
Parris Frazier

Laura Anders Canis Philosophy Scholarship
Nathan Kemper

Dr. Delo C. Grover Award
Katie Lehman

Dr. Ernest L. Welborn Scholarship in Psychology
Sarah Terrill

Pitcher Psychology Award
Angela Josza
Shannon Russo

Vogel Psychology Scholarship
Katie Lehman

William Prokasy Psychology Alumni Award
Gabrielle Mizner
Whitney Yoder

Dr. Ernest Knautz Award
Sophia Kemble

Fred E. Harris Award
Matthew Gesicki 
Sophia Viglione 

Mary & Hugh Burtner Student Prize in Religion
Laura Dunson

Hertzler Sociology Scholarship Award
Kaci Church

Hertzler Applied Sociology Award
Brooke Hradisky
Chris Marhevka

Hertzler Sociology Research Award
Mitchell Kuntz

Dana & Marie Burns Drama Scholarship
Dayne Sundman

Douglas Hall Memorial Theatre Scholarship
Christopher Meyers

William & Mary Lou Allman Drama Scholarship
Xavier Khan

Suzanne Claflin Strew Dance Scholarship    
Kathryn MacMannis

Lillian and Larry D. Bibbee Scholarship
Rachel Zacharias

John F. and Ida E. Gibler Scholarship
Zachary Barley
Mercedez Hathcock

Charles G. Irwin Memorial Scholarship
Heather Novak

David B. Allman Award in Broadcasting
Katherine Bennie

Edith A. White Speech Scholarship
Brittney Kaplan
Rachel Phillips

Thomas “Jake” Beyer Award
Angela Musille

Albert Morrill Memorial Scholarship
Joshua Smalley

Robert and Dorothy Bell Memorial Award
Kristopher Smeage


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