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Federal Aviation Administration Personnel (FAA)

The degree program set forth grew out of discussions in 1973 between FAA personnel and Baldwin Wallace University to provide an opportunity for Air Traffic Controllers and Airway Facilities Personnel to continue their education through advanced standing. The immediate goal of the program is a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in one or more of the Liberal Arts studies at Baldwin Wallace. The continuing, life-long goal of the program is to offer FAA personnel opportunities through which a more satisfying personal growth may be achieved.

Advanced Standing at Baldwin Wallace University

Personnel of the Federal Aviation Administration may qualify for advanced credit hour standing relative to obtaining a college degree as a result of their previous FAA training and job classification. This will be up to a maximum of 60 semester hours toward 124 for a degree. They will pay for only as many of the 60 hours as needed at a rate of 15% of the current Baldwin Wallace evening/weekend tuition.

Each person will receive no more than the number of hours credit appropriate to the student's training.  Each student will also receive credit for hours taken at other accredited colleges and transferred to Baldwin Wallace. There is no limit on the latter but the student will need to complete a minimum of the last 32 hours in coursework through Baldwin Wallace.

Hours granted for FAA training will be considered elective hours and will not reduce the general college requirements, later referred to as the core curriculum. Hours transferred from other colleges may reduce these requirements or apply toward the major field at the discretion of the department involved.

 Any student may have as much as 75% or as little as 25% of their college coursework to complete in order to earn their degree. The number of hours, specific requirements, and suggested pattern for completion can be determined with a counselor once all evaluations are finished.

 A student should consult with an admission counselor or their academic advisor to determine how many of the FAA training eligible hours can be used toward degree completion. Contact the Adult and Continuing Education Office at 440-826-2121 for a complete FAA booklet or the Adult and Transfer Admission Office at 440-826-8012 if you are a prospective student.

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