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Challenge Option English Test

English Composition is a Core Curriculum requirement at Baldwin Wallace University; all students must complete ENG 131-Workshop in Exposition and Argument (or transfer equivalency) to meet this requirement. Adult and Continuing Education recommends students complete ENG 131 within their first three semesters of course work at BW.

Students who have not met the prerequisite requirement for ENG-131, which is ENG-111, have the following options:

  • The Challenge Option English Test; this option entails writing an essay based on a supplied reading; if your essay qualifies, you are exempted from having to meet the prerequisite however no credits are earned
  • Take and pass a CLEP exam  (College-Level Examination Program); if student receives a passing score on the exam they are exempted from taking ENG-111 and they earn 3 credit hours
  • Take ENG 111 at BW

    To discuss your options, call (440) 826-2121 to speak with an academic advisor.
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