Ensuring access to college for Ohio students: The Ohio Can! Go to College Campaign

The Need is Undeniable

The goal of the Ohio Can! Go to College fundraising campaign is to make college more available and affordable to Ohioans.  College tuition has risen faster than the price of any other consumer item, including health care.   Today, financial need is the leading factor hindering thousands of deserving and motivated students from accessing post-secondary opportunities. 

Other facts to consider:

  • 75% of students from high-income families complete college by age 24, compared with only 9% of low income students.
  •  Completion rates are substantially lower for minority students from low-income families, according to a report from The Education Trust.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Education's Beginning Postsecondary Study, only about four in ten students who begin a four-year college get a bachelor's degree within four years, and only six out of ten get a degree within six years.

Ways of Giving
Scholarships are an especially valuable way to express a gift to the College and to make a real impact in the lives of students and their families. We will partner with you to structure a gift that will allow you to help make a BW education more accessible and affordable for prospective and current students. 


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