Ensuring access to college for Ohio students: The Ohio Can! Go to College Campaign

Ohio Can! Go to College is a collaboration between the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio College Access Network (OCAN) to help leverage public money for private investment in support of scholarships, internships and retention programs that will impact thousands of Ohio students.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has called for an enrollment increase of 230,000 students in post-secondary programs throughout the state.  To meet this goal, Chancellor Eric Fingerhut delivered a strategic plan for higher education that would make college more affordable and more accessible.  As a result, $8.5 million in Ohio taxpayer dollars were invested into the Ohio Can!  Campaign.

BW is taking this challenge seriously.  We are committed to increasing the funds available for need-based scholarships to help Ohio students access, and complete, their undergraduate education at BW. 

Ohio Can! Go to College Campaign 

Undeniable Need

How you can help

The Need is Undeniable
The goal of the campaign is to make college more available and affordable to Ohioans.  College tuition has risen faster than the price of any other consumer item, including healthcare.  With the help of our generous alumni and friends, BW will provide greater access to college for students with financial need.

The Time to Act is Now
Research shows that cities with a greater share of college educated adults have higher per capita personal income and consumer expenditures, while having lower rates of unemployment and poverty.  In today’s current economic uncertainty, it is imperative that Ohio’s best and brightest are educated in Ohio and encouraged to stay in the Buckeye State to help us compete in the global economy.

What You Can Do to Help
Support BW's efforts to raise money on behalf of Ohio high school students through a donation to our Ohio Can! Go to College scholarship fund.  Your pledge commitment can be paid in a lump sum or over a three-year period.  This money will be earmarked toward Ohio high school students in need of financial support to afford tuition and fees. 

For More Information
We hope to visit with you soon. For more information or to arrange a conversation, please contact:

 Debbie Sprang, Development Officer at  440-826-2425 or by email,

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