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One more gift annuity, please

Ahhhhhh...the benefits of getting older:  receiving a higher percentage rate and payment for a new gift annuity.  Over 25 BW gift annuitants are multiple donors, creating charitable gift annuities paying them income for their life (lives).

Other benefits include:


fixed, reliable payments - one check or direct deposit 


one-page, easy to understand agreement   


one IRS 1099-R statement each year


probate cost savings    


portion of most payments are tax free   


for tax itemizers, a generous deduction for the year the gift is made 

Our gift annuity program encompasses 123 agreements from 52 donors. These current annuitants used this method to provide for BW, in addition to outright gifts and bequests. 

William A. Allman 
served as Professor of Drama for more than 40 years.  His family and friends established The William and Mary Lou Allman Drama Scholarship, and a fund in memory of Bill and Mary Lou's son, David '79, was created to assist Broadcast majors at BW (The David Allman Broadcasting Award).  Bill's gift annuity residuals will enhance these endowments. 



Bartter-larger.jpgStuart '43 and Virginia "Ginny" Duncan Bartter '46 call their gift annuities a "double-edged gift:  to ourselves and to the future."  The annuity residuals will be added to The Bartter/Longbon Scholarship, initially created by Mr. and Mrs. Ivan '35 Bartter in honor of Miss Edith Longbon, '09, Professor of Education at BW from 1927 to 1952.  "Our gift annuities have done so much better than the market.  It's a safe haven.  It is also good for younger people as a way to salt away money for retirement while assuring a gift too." 



Norma Dolezal '34 appreciated the way her BW gift annuities enhance her retirement income while allowing her to express her philanthropic spirit in a tangible way. 



G. David Moon's  late wife, Ruth Mlazovsky Barber Moon '36 established The Barber/Finlayson Scholarship to honor her mentor, Edna Zimmerman Finlayson '09.  After Ruth's passing, Dave continued the tradition by creating additional gift annuities that will enhance the scholarship fund.  Dave enjoys meeting Ruth's scholarship recipients and is often present at campus events.


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