Annual Giving
Alumni House
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YJ4L Gives Council

The YJ4L Gives Council is comprised of student leaders from each class. They are dedicated, passionate students who get a first-hand look at fundraising operations for BW and work actively with the Annual Giving team on marketing campaigns, events and other activities.

The goals of the committee are focused on communicating the importance of philanthropy through:

  • Recognizing alumni, faculty and students for their contributions
  • Creating communication pieces, monitoring social media
  • Volunteering on campus to improve the university
  • Planning special events and fun activities


2013-2014 YJ4L Gives Council

  • Gabe Adams, Class of 2014
  • Cody Bees, Class of 2014
  • Corey Dailey, Class of 2016
  • Billy D'Aminco, Class of 2015
  • Sarah DiMarco, Class of 2017
  • Alex Farone, Class of 2014
  • Tom Jackson, Class of 2016
  • Ashley King, Class of 2016
  • Justin Malave, Class of 2017
  • Chelsie Marvin, Class of 2015
  • Kara Mrosko, Class of 2015
  • Jessica Richmond, Class of 2015
  • Madeline Southall, Class of 2016
  • Nicole Venen, Class of 2014
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