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Annual Giving Volunteers

Welcome to the BW Annual Giving Volunteer's page,  a resource for current volunteers of the University.  Feel free to use it how you see fit!

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer in Fiscal Year 2014 or if you have suggestions on how to improve this page, email Aimee Bell, Director of Annual Giving, at  Also, if you're a current volunteer that's missing information (i.e. email address), please send that along to Aimee as well. 

Why are volunteers vital to the Annual Giving's success?

Annual Giving volunteers are extremely important because they assist the Annual Giving Office with one of the most essential aspects of fundraising...stewardship!  By serving as a liaison between alumni and friends of BW, volunteers do the important work of building and maintaining relationships with donors to the University by writing or emailing thank you notes of appreciation.

Additionally, Annual Giving volunteers serve as a source of information about current campus events.  They also keep BW's Advancement Services Department informed of important changes in personal and employment contact information of alumni and friends.

Responsibilities (Updated for Fiscal Year 2014)

1.  Make a personal gift to one of eight funds within annual giving and be an example to BW alumni and friends.  We strive for 100% participation from our volunteers so it's important to contribute, regardless of the amount of your gift.  Thank you in advance for your support!

2.  Twice a year, thank donors (preferable with a brief handwritten note).

3.  Attend and participate in alumni events (if able).

4.  Assist BW with recruiting future Yellow Jackets - YJ4L!

5.  Inform BW alumni and friends of current issues at the University and provide feedback on their interests and concerns.

6.  Help BW maintain up-to-date contact information for alumni and friends.

7.  Remain in regular communication with BW Annual Giving staff and fellow Annual Giving volunteers.

8. Participate in other opportunities such as the new online e-Ambassador program and provide important feedback on events and other programs. If you are interested in joining the e-Ambassdor team to share BW news and advocate for Annual Giving on social media, please contact Christina Aldrich at

FY 2014 Annual Fund Volunteer E-mails 

Volunteer Name E-mail Address
Paul L. Adams
Patricia L. Amy
Janet L. Archer
Kimberly A. Atkinson
Niccole L. Avalon
Thomas W. Baker
Aimee B. Bell
William R. Bernard  
Stephen W. Boesel
Jo Ann Boggs
Donald w. Bogus
Reginald D. Brooks
Thomas R. Brooks
Curt Brown
Margaret L. Callinan
E. Donald Chadwick  
Loretta A. Clark
William W. Clark
Tim L. Collins  
Jennifer A. Cox
Ryan R. Cross
James W. Currens
Persis H. Currens
Christine E. Davenport
Kevin L. Davenport
Amy L. Dawson
James R. Dettmer  
Jeffrey T. Dettmer
Albert J. DiFranco
Tracy M. Doyle  
William C. Ehrman  
Adam A. Fabrizi
Kathryn L. Feldman
Gregory G. Flanik
Richard L. Fletcher
William E. Forester
Jeremy B. Francis
Molly Fuerst  
Raymond A. Fuerst
Frank J. Fuhs
Geffery G. Gioia
Donald F. Glass
Samantha M. Gottesman
Daniel C. Hagen
Ruth B. Hagen
Jody E. Halley
Janice E. Hamilton  
Lauren K. Hanna
Jack A. Harrison
Jace W. Hatcher
George B. Heckler
Annie L. Heidersbach
Neal E. Hubbard
Erin N. Huffman
Marylou Hunter
Andrew L. Killian
David H. Klemanski
Robert B. Kollin  
Thomas H. Konkoly
Carol D. Kozma
Karina S. Krajec
Sharon L. Krnc Koren  
Terry J. Kurtz
Marilyn L. Kysela
Anthony T. Lauria
Patricia A. Lauria  
Richard A. Little
Joan M. Lowry
Michelle L. Macartney
John R. Magaw
Gregory S. Mason
Margaret R. Mason
Wade I. Massad
George R. Mateyo
Joseph P. Mayer
Julian Mayer
Amy L. McGahan
J. Kathleen McKenna Barber
Randell McShepard
Amanda C. Means
Dan T. Mihuta
Sara Molski
Anne M. Moore
Jessica E. Mospan  
Sandra L. Mueller  
Eliza L. Nelson
Richard G. Neptune
Sarah A. Netro
Steven M. Nobil
Melissa J. Nugent
Colleen B. O'Malley
Gail D. Ott
Roseann N. Parks  
Mark E. Pettigrew  
Michele M. Princehorn
Kelly T. Radomski
John Reeks  
Kurt L. Reiber  
Erin E. Reid
Brendan F. Reynolds
Elizabeth C. Rice
John K. Riemenschneider
Bradley A. Romano
John R. Ruby
Heather R. Rupp
Patrick D. Savage
Steven D. Schindler
Beth A. Schmaltz
Andrew P. Schmitz
Theresa A. Schneider
Renee M. Shaker
Bonnie L. Sharp
Linda Short
Lawrence P. Sklenka
Katherine A. Slaby
Brendan A. Sorg
William J. Spiker
Deborah L. Sprang
Sarah E. Stage
Kristen M. Stalker
William B. Summers
Elizabeth L. Swailes
John N. Templeman
Thomas A. Thieman
C. L. Thomas
David D. Thomas
J. M. Thomas
Michelle D. Toghill
Brian C. Tracy
Jillian N. Venci  
Christopher A. Ventura
Robert E. Vigneulle
Michael A. Walczak
Donald E. Watkins  
Gloria A. Weaver  
Joseph P. Yavornitzky
Barbara L. Zirke
Christopher M. Zito

Volunteer Handbook

If you have any questions about the role and responsibilities of an Annual Giving volunteer, or would like to learn more about BW and the importance of Annual Giving, please refer to the Volunteer Handbook or e-mail

Sample Letters

View a sample letter sent out by one of our Volunteers to his classmates.

If you'd like to e-mail Aimee your letter for inclusion on this site, please do so!!!  Her e-mail address can be found at the top of the page.  Also, if you're interested in sharing a story about something you've experienced as an AF Volunteer, we'd be happy to post that as well. 

Thank you to those that choose to volunteer and dedicate their time and service to the Annual Giving department. We truly appreciate your efforts! 

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