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Student Employment Manual

This student employment manual has been prepared for the benefit of Baldwin Wallace University students and for faculty and staff who hire student assistants.  The manual outlines procedures and offers guidelines to be used for hiring, paying, and terminating student employees.  In addition, we have attempted to express the philosophy of employing student workers and to explain the rights and responsibilities of students and their employers.

The Financial Aid Office administers the awarding of financial aid, including the Federal Work Study Program.  For all student workers, the Financial Aid Office determines federal work study eligibility based on financial need, verifies enrollment status, and approves authorization as federal work study or non work study employment.  The Office also monitors hours worked by federal work study students to assure that the amount of money earned does not exceed the amount of the work study awarded as part of the financial aid package.

The Student Employment Center (SEC) keeps a listing of all positions currently available.  These are also posted on the SEC home page, which can be reached at the following address:  The Student Employment Center is also responsible for processing Student Employment Requisition Forms, verifying that all federal and state regulation have been met, and issuing student pay.

We hope this information will benefit all concerned.  If you have any questions or suggestions concerning eligibility for student employment, please direct them to:  Carolyn McCluskey, Financial Aid Counselor, Room l04, Bonds Administration Building, (440) 826-2l08.

Eligibility for Student Employment
Federal Work Study is a federal funded Title IV Program.  As such, the purpose of this program is to provide part-time employment opportunities for full-time undergraduate students pursuing their FIRST BACHELORS DEGREE, and who demonstrate financial need in order to assist them in funding their education.  In addition, student employment can provide an opportunity to learn time and money management, develop and refine skills, and help students pursue future career interests.

Students who do not have Federal Work Study as part of a financial aid award, or who do not apply for need based financial assistance, may seek campus employment beginning the fourth week of the Fall Semester.  The hiring of Non Work-Study will depend upon the availability of each department's Non Work-Study funds.  All students seeking Non Work-Study employment must be registered as a full-time undergraduate and are restricted to l0 hours per week.   Students who do not have an approved employment status in XSPM are not available for hire until an approved status has been entered.  Any questions regarding the procedure for hiring of Non Work-Study can be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Federal regulations require that specific employment forms be on file with the Student Employment Center before a student can begin work.  Required forms include an I-9, a W-4 and a Student Ohio School District Report.

The Payroll Screens in Colleague must be checked to ensure that a student is authorized for hire before completion and submission of the Student Requisition for Hire.  Once all tax forms have been completed, there will be an "A" next to SEC Approval, and the Federal Work Study Auth will have either an "A" or "N".  ALL student workers MUST be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student.  Students may begin work once authorized in Colleague and in the Time and Attendance System (e-time).  If help is needed with Colleague, please contact the SEC Office.

 International Students
International students are permitted to work on campus as non work study students.  INS regulations permit up to twenty hours of work per week during the academic year and forty hours per week during breaks.  However, we cannot always guarantee that twenty hours per week will be available.  The United States government has a separate tax system for International Students and those educational institutions who employ them.  International students who desire to work on campus must submit the following forms to the Director of International Support Services in the Office of Student Affairs, located on the first floor of the Bonds Administration Building:  l) Visa 2.) Passport 3.) I-20 School form  4.) Social Security Card.

Job Referral
Students benefit most from campus employment when they are pursuing a job that is meaningful to them either in the benefits it offers or its relationship to career or vocational interests.  It is for this reason that we assist students in finding campus employment but do not actually place students in open positions. As mentioned earlier, section of this manual, job listings are available in the SEC Office (Room 211 of the Bonds Administration Building  (440) 826-3l77) or on their web site.

Information on currently available positions will remain on file until the SEC has been notified that a position has been filled.  It is to the advantage of the student and the supervisor to remove the listing as soon as possible after the hiring of a student.

Pay Rates
Campus employment during the academic year at Baldwin Wallace University is paid at one rate (current minimum wage).  Any exception to this rule must be made with the approval of the Officers of the College.  The Officers are also responsible for setting an hourly rate to be paid during the summer.

Time and Attendance System
Student hours worked are recorded through the Time and Attendance System. Hours should reflect time in and out, be recorded daily, and verified by the supervisor. It is very important that this process be kept current, as hours worked in a previous pay period cannot be recorded electronically. The Student Employment Center issues a Payroll Schedule each year, which includes the beginning and ending dates of each two-week pay period, the date when payroll information must be received by the Student Employment Center and Pay Date.

Summer Employment 
Summer employment at Baldwin Wallace University is considered non-work study. Jobs on campus are reserved for currently enrolled, degree-seeking Baldwin Wallace students and may include freshmen who have registered for classes and have attended summer orientation prior to beginning employment. A student who meets degree requirements and graduates in May is not eligible to work as a student employee. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by a Vice President of the College. In addition, a current undergraduate student who has not registered for the Fall Semester is ineligible for summer employment. Students who wish to be employed by Guidestone, St. Adalbert and/or other approved off-campus sites must have a financial aid award for the upcoming academic year that includes Federal Work Study.

Paychecks are distributed during the summer in the same manner as during the academic year.

No more than 40 hours per week may be worked during the summer. 
 A student who works more than 40 hours per week will be entitled to overtime pay. If a student is employed in more than one department, the overtime will be shared by each department involved.

Paychecks are issued on the Friday following the end of each pay period. Checks can be picked up at the Cashier's Office (First Floor of the Bonds Administration Building) from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (4:00 P.M. during the summer). Proper identification may be required. Payroll Services now offers the option of direct deposit to your personal bank account. Contact the Student Employment Center for specific information on this option. You may also request the Cashier's Office to deposit your check as a credit against your account with BW. Forms are available from the Cashier's Office for this purpose.

Remember that money earned through the Federal Work Study Program is to be used for educational expenses. The portion of your award not earned and or not applied to your account becomes an additional family responsibility and expense.

Tax deductions
 All student pay is subject to Municipal (Berea), State (Ohio) and Federal taxes. Only summer employment is subject to FICA taxes. Applicable taxes will automatically be deducted from the pay of all student workers. However, because student pay for a two-week pay period may not be enough to meet tax tables for withholding, state and federal taxes may not be deducted from a student's check. A W-2 form will be issued by Payroll Services during the month of January for the purpose of income tax filing.

All student employees are expected to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by each department. Failure to do so could result in the termination of employment. If a student wishes to leave a position, notice of at least one week is to be given to the supervisor.

Summary of Student Employment Information:


  1. Be registered as a full-time student at Baldwin Wallace University
  2. Have a social security number
  3. Complete a W-4 form
  4. Complete a I-9 form
  5. Complete Ohio School District Tax Form
  6. Sign a Student Employment Request Form
  7. Work the number of hours permitted by the Federal Work Study award
  8. Work no more than 40 hours per week during the Summer and vacation periods
  9. Include a meal break of at least 30 minutes when working more than six consecutive hours per day
  10. Record in and out hours daily using the Time and Attendance System
  11. Give adequate notice (one week) to your supervisor before termination of employment
  12. Report to work as scheduled and perform your job in a responsible and dependable manner - BW depends on you


  1. All requests for student employment are to be made on a Student Employment Requisition Form and submitted to the Student Employment Office
  2. Remind students to sign in and out of E-Time
  3. Verify hours worked via E-Time
  4. Students are not to work during the hours they are to be in class
  5. Students are not to work more than six consecutive hours without a meal break
  6. Regulate a Federal Work Study student's hours so that eligibility is not exceeded
  7. Be flexible during final exam weeks
  8. Make sure that a student does not begin work without the appropriate authorization
  9. Be a role model

Reminder: By Federal Regulation, Federal Work Study students cannot be employed in a position that involves political or religious activity.

Important Phone Numbers: 

Student Employment Center (440)826-3177
Financial Aid Office (440) 826-2108

This manual has been prepared by the Office of Financial Aid with the assistance of the Student Employment Center.

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