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Federal Direct GradPLUS Change Request Form

This form should only be used to submit any Federal Direct PLUS Loan Change Requests.

When changing the amount of your Federal Direct PLUS Loan, please keep the following in mind:
Maximum Annual Loan Limit:
Cost of education less any other financial aid received by the student. 
Borrowers are encouraged to budget their costs for the entire academic year when determining the amount of PLUS loan needed.

There is a 4.292 percent loan origination fee.

* Required information
BW Student ID #: *
Last Name: *
First Name: *
LOAN CHANGE REQUEST (Choose only one option)
1) I wish to REDUCE the Federal Direct GradPLUS to this amount:
(This line should reflect the TOTAL amount that you wish to receive for the current academic year.)
2) I wish to INCREASE the Federal Direct GradPLUS Loan to this amount(please follow the instructions below):  I have applied for the increase on the site  
Since a Federal Direct GradPLUS Loan INCREASE must be approved by the Department of Education, please go to and "sign in." After signing in, click on "Request a Direct PLUS Loan" and request the additional amount.
3) CANCEL:  Please cancel my entire Federal Direct GradPLUS Loan  
Confirmation of the TOTAL amount of Federal Direct GradPLUS Loan you wish to receive for the current academic year (including any previous PLUS Loans): *
By electronically signing below, I request the total loan amount indicated on this form.
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Date: *  
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