Financial Aid

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Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan

Federal Perkins Loan   

Federal PLUS Loan 

Graduate/Professional PLUS Loan  

United Methodist Loan   

Private Education Loans   

Consolidation Loans 

Loan Repayment Information

Here's the scoop on all of those heavily marketed "Student Loan Forgiveness" programs
( "U.S. News and World Report"  November 14, 2014 )
The best resource for information on repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs, and other debt management options would be the Federal Student Aid Web Site

Income-based Repayment Calculator - The federal government enables student loan borrowers to cap their monthly bill at 15% of their discretionary income. This calculator, provided by Sallie Mae, will help determine eligibility and monthly payment information 

Manage Your Loans - Loan management site for students who have borrowed through Sallie Mae  

Great Lakes - Loan management site for students who have borrowed through Great Lakes 

Managing Debt - Information on credit card issues and debt management

Solutions for Borrowers Who Are Having Trouble Repaying Education Loans

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) - This is the U.S. Department of Education's student aid database. To access this system, you will need the following information: your social security number (SSN), the first two digits of your last name, your date of birth, and your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Online Exit Counseling

Information About Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Office of the Ombudsman - The Ombudsman (through the Department of Education) helps resolve disputes and solve other problems with federal student loans. If you have done all you can to resolve an issue and haven't been able to reach a solution, the Ombudsman is there to assist you.

Baldwin Wallace University Office of Financial Aid Code of Conduct Policy
The Higher Education Opportunity Act sets conditions for educational institutions to participate in Title IV programs and requires the development of and compliance with a code of conduct prohibiting conflicts of interest for its financial aid personnel [HEOA - 487(a)(25)]. Baldwin Wallace University's officers, employees and agents are required to comply with this code of conduct.


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