Financial Aid

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Financial Literacy

Top Ten Tips for Paying for College:

10.  Complete a FAFSA

9.    Apply for scholarships from external sources

8.    Make a budget and stick to it

7.    Know the difference between "needs" & "wants"

6.    Plan ahead for major expenses

5.    Borrow only what you must

4.    Understand Payment options

3.    Use a credit card only when necessary

2.    Pay tuition on time to avoid interest charges

1.    Obtain part-time employment

Financial Literacy - What You Need to Know
Jacket Express
Navigating the Financial Seas
Applying for aid
Student employment
Dropping and adding
Changing majors
Making Smart Financial Decisions
Avoiding Traps (Rent-To-Own and Payday Loans)
Developing Your 4 Year Budget
Managing Student Loan Debt
Useful Links on Financial Aid: (Everything you ever wanted to know about financial aid in terms that are easy to understand.) - Student financial aid information from the Department of Education
(Log In to access the Financial Awareness Counseling tool and utilize the Repayment Estimator to assist with preparing for student loan repayment and budgeting.)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: -Try a search on “money matters” or “library” for information on a wide variety of topics related to finances. 

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