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Guide to Understanding Financial Aid


What is "Financial Aid?"

The term "financial aid" covers the wide range of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study assistance offered to students to help lower your financial responsibility to attend BW. Sources include federal and state government programs, BW itself, and other awards from high schools, civic organizations, public agencies, and private foundations. Some types of aid are "need-based," requiring eligibility to be based on an evaluation of family need. Other types of aid are "merit-based," recognizing academic or talent-related student achievements. There are also "awards of circumstance." Unlike merit or need-based aid, awards of circumstance are based on some common or shared characteristic or attribute such as being a resident of a particular city or a graduate of a certain high school.


Regardless of the type, there are certain standards you must meet and responsibilities you have in order to keep aid that is included in your Award Letter. If you don't meet the standards or understand your responsibilities, you may become ineligible for certain types of aid.


This Guide is designed to help alert you to your rights and responsibilities and to give you some tips about how your eligibility can be affected by changes in your status (housing, enrollment, etc.).


Other helpful resources:

We encourage you to visit our office in Bonds Hall should you have any questions. You can also give us a call (440-826-2108) or send us an e-mail ( The Financial Aid Office (FAO) staff will be happy to help you.

What's in this Guide/Index:


 Additional Campus Information:

  • Contact the Office of Registration and Records (440-826-2126 or for information regarding FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), or graduation/transfer rates.
  • Campus Security (440-826-2336) can provide campus security reports.
  • If you would like a report on athletic program participation rates and financial data, call the Division of Health & Physical Education for information on men's (440-826-2184) or women's (440-826-2306) athletics.
  • General information about BW is available on our Web site or in our current catalog which is available online.
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