Baldwin Wallace University, the Liberal Arts Tradition, and You

Baldwin Wallace seeks to provide you with the finest education it can, it remains committed to the liberal arts tradition on which its reputation has been built. As the American Association of Colleges and Universities report states, "The best undergraduate education for the twenty-first century will be based on a liberal education that produces an individual who is intentional about learning and life, empowered, informed, and responsible."

Such an education aims at going well beyond narrow vocational skills that, in an age of rapid technological advances, can become as quickly outmoded as yesterday's computers. A liberal arts education aims instead to give you the foundation for lifelong learning that will enable you to enjoy a good, fulfilling life.

The idea of the "good life" comes to us from the ancient Greeks, who concluded that it consists of developing a good character as a compassionate, contributing citizens concerned with the good of the nation and of the world, and of being well employed in a rewarding career-all while remaining curious and intellectually active. Indeed, a liberal arts education, if pursued in earnest, is a richly transformative and empowering experience. It will enable you to question self-limiting assumptions and to think outside the box, thereby making you a much more effective problem-solver. More specifically it will help you to 

  • develop a broad understanding of the natural world, societal institutions, and the arts and humanities
  • draw connections and integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines 
  • understand complex theories and ideas and apply them to everyday problems
  • communicate clearly and effectively
  • apply quantitative reasoning
  • develop the ability to use computer and information technology selectively and responsibly
  • work cooperatively with others 
  • acquire knowledge of international and domestic diversity and gain an understanding of people, customs and institutions outside of your own heritage and experience
  • make responsible and ethical decisions
  • make sense of news media and put world events into historical and contemporary perspective

In short, we want to help you discover the kind of intellectual passion and curiosity that will enable you to face any challenge in life. As Thoreau once observed, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." The liberal-arts core of your education is the best foundation we know to help you build and achieve your dreams.



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