BW's CSI Academy Hosts CSI Day on October 22, 2010

CSI participants investigated a staged car accident with help from a state trooper.

Students learn to examine evidence
related to solving staged crimes.

Program Promotes Careers in Science to High School Students

CSI Day was produced in response to the success of BW’s past two-summer academies and the continued efforts of the Division of Education and Sociology Departments. The effort is supported by a past grant from the Ohio Board of Regents and funds provided by BW’s Forensic Science Club. Although the Academy no longer sponsors a summer session, there are plans to continue its one-day session next year.

Participants from 25-local high schools were invited to attend this year’s session. 52 high school students and 25 teachers will be in attendance for this event. For the first time, campus students will also participate in the activities. Activities include the investigations of two different crime scenes, fingerprinting, the use of luminol, blood spatter analysis, and one-on-one sessions with local law-enforcement agents. The results of each of these activities will provide clues to the solution of the crimes. The highlight of the program is the resolution of the crimes that were studied during the day. Prizes will be awarded to all participants that provide the correct crime solution.

The CSI Academy was developed to promote further education and possible careers in the field of science. Although students of all interests may attend, special efforts were made to include students that may not presently plan to pursue the sciences or additional education beyond high school.  The Academy’s success is due in large part to its inquiry-based methodology and the cooperation of several of BW’s departments, staff & faculty members. The results of our BW: CSI program have been heralded by several educational institutions and were featured at the 2009 National AILACTE Conference in Atlanta. One of the many outcomes of the Academy was the creation of a new Forensics Science minor at BW.

For further information on the minor, please contact Dr. Carol Gregory ( information on this year’s or next year’s CSI Day, please contact Mr. James Emigh (

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