Honors Program

Research. Service. Leadership.

Honors Program Requirements & Course Descriptions

The Honors Program strives to offer deeply transformational experiences for students through unique courses, service, and research opportunities.  Honors students form a rich intellectual and social community and commit themselves to an enhanced core curriculum in the liberal arts.  Together, these experiences aim to challenge worldviews, broaden perspectives, and foster leadership.


Honors Program

Computer Code: HON

Minimum credit required: 24 (plus prerequisites as indicated)

Required Courses


HON 150

Introduction to Honors Study

1 credit

ENG 131H

Honors Workshop in Exposition and Argument

3 credits

LAS 200H

Enduring Questions in an Intercultural World

3 credits

MTH 140

Precalculus Mathematics

4 credits1

FRN 202, GER 202, SPN 202, CHI 202 or ARA 202

Intermediate French, German, Spanish, Chinese or Arabic

4 credits1

HON 491 or Thesis in major or minor (Honors Thesis)

1 - 4 credits2


Elective Courses
Students will fulfill their remaining Honors credit hours through the courses listed below as well as through alternative options as specified in the Honors Program Handbook.


All courses with an HON prefix (topic may not be repeated, but course number may).3


Any University core course with an “H” after the course number (examples:
ECN 101H, GEO 111LH, PHL 205IH, REL 293H)3


Honors Option4


Total Honors Program

24 credits


1 These courses will count towards the Core, but will not count towards the minimum number of Honors credit (24) required by the Honors Program for Honors recognition. Other language study may be considered (See Honors Program Director).
2 Departmental CAPSTONE Courses may be acceptable (See Honors Program Director).
3 Non-Honors Program students of sophomore status or higher and who have obtained at least a 3.5 GPA may elect these courses if space is available.
4 The Honors Option (which requires approval by faculty, department, and the Honors Program Director) will result in an “H” designation for existing courses when satisfactorily completed.


Honors Program Courses (Open to invited first year students only):

HON 150 (1 credit): This short, intensive course is an introduction to the Honors Program and the academic life of the University.  Students will consider philosophies of education and plan for how to maximize their college experience.

ENG 131H (3 credits): Assignments in writing expository and argumentative prose with particular emphasis on content development.

LAS 200H (3 credits): This course investigates cultural differences and explores the influence of culture upon human values and perceptions.  Students will read influential texts from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  Honors students will also participate in an additional experiential project which might be a service learning project, a scientific investigation, or other research experience.

Honors Courses (Open to Honors Program students and to non-Honors Program students with at least a 3.5 GPA): The remaining courses required to complete the Honors Program will be selected from special offerings in the University curriculum.  “H” or HON courses will be offered by the Divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.  These courses will be designed to be academically rigorous and relevant to Honors Program goals.  Students will not be awarded credit for duplication of courses; for example, PSY 110 and PSY 110H.

HON 050(I) Credits to be arranged: INDEPENDENT STUDY. See Independent Study Program,
Section II.

HON 070 (1-4 credits): INTERNSHIP. See Internship Program, Section II.

HON 200 (3-4 credits): HON 200 is a course with an intentional perspective from two core divisions (Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences).  The themes range from the narrow to the broad.  This interdisciplinary approach is intended to help the student understand how different disciplines address current problems, how thinking has evolved, and how to integrate modes of thinking across disciplines. 

HON 250 (1-4 credits): Special Topics courses (Example: Problem Solving, Constructing Scientific Knowledge, Freedom vs. Equality, Ethical Clashes)

HON 350 (1-4 credits): Advanced Special Topics courses. Junior or Senior status required.

HON 259/359/459 Faculty Student Collaboration (3 credits): Through the FSC courses Baldwin Wallace University encourages and supports faculty-student collaborators as they tackle the inquiry-based, unscripted problems typical of research, scholarship and other creative endeavors.   These courses facilitate the engagement of students and faculty in the deep learning required for the creation, practice, and sharing of knowledge or works in their area of professional study.  Enrollment in the course is competitive and requires that collaborating students and faculty submit a project proposal.  See FSC Program, Section II. 

HON 491 Honors Thesis (1-4 credits): This Honors Program course will be offered on an independent study basis and is suggested for students in their junior or senior year. The topic must be approved by the Director of the Honors Program.

Admission into the Honors Program:
(1) An entering student who meets criteria for candidacy will receive an invitation to apply to the Honors Program.  These criteria include superior high school graduation rank, high SAT or ACT scores, and other criteria relevant to academic performance. 
(2) Current first year students who show outstanding promise in their first term at BW can be nominated by faculty or can submit their own names for consideration to be admitted to the program as second-semester freshmen. 

(3) Transfer students who have taken Honors credits at their prior institution can request admission to the Honors Program.

Honors Recognition:
All courses in the Honors Program must be taken for a letter grade, A+ through F; they may not be taken on an S/U basis.  Students who successfully complete the required Honors courses (earning grades of B or better) and who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher will, upon graduation, receive appropriate recognition on their transcripts.  Students will also be awarded the Baldwin Wallace University Honors Program medallion to be worn at graduation.

Business Honors Track
The Baldwin Wallace University Business Honors Track provides a challenging opportunity for exceptional business majors.  The initial focus of this offering promotes: a predisposition to instilling the green concepts of sustainability (people, profit and planet); the understanding of ethical business practices in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment; a self-awareness of one’s leadership potential, and the development of professional research, writing and presentation skills.  Students currently enrolled in the University Honors Program are encouraged to consider the Business Honors Track.  Business students with a 3.5 GPA or better become eligible to apply to the Business Honors Track in the second semester of their sophomore year.  Please see the Business Division for additional information.

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