Biology and Geology


Geology Program Requirements

The geology minor and geology courses provide basic knowledge of the structural, physical and chemical nature of the planet and its manifestations on the surface.  Course work in geology supports career interests in ecology and environmental science, sustainability, education, and nature interpretation.

Geology Minor
Courses in Geology are offered by the Department of Biology and Geology.
The goals of the geology course offerings are to instill in the student an appreciation of the earth’s place and behavior in the universe; to give an understanding of the processes that have acted throughout time to shape the earth, its resources, and its life forms; to examine the effects of these processes on human habitation and the environment; and to bring an awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of the solutions to the earth’s environmental problems. The minor is also offered to meet the needs of those preparing to teach earth sciences in primary and secondary schools, those who are simply interested in learning more about the earth as part of a liberal arts education, and provide a foundation for those who wish to do further work in geology or environmental sciences.

A Geology minor shall consist of a minimum of 17 credit hours and must include GEO 111L, 121IL, and 212L.

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