Suzuki Violin Program

Suzuki Private Lessons and Group Classes, for ages 4 and up

Join Suzuki children, parents and teachers as they celebrate learning through a shared love of beautiful music.  With careful guidance from specially trained teachers, parents help their children learn to play violin through the same natural process that occurs when their children learn to speak. The establishment of this "Suzuki triangle" provides the stimulation and encouragement that children need to acquire other critical learning skills.  Concentration, organization and memorization are developed along with the confidence and self-esteem that learning to play the violin can help to establish. Students and parents participate together in both weekly private lessons and group classes.  Children from ages 4 and up are invited to participate.  

$495 includes 15 weeks of 30-minute private lessons and 12 weeks of 45-minute group classes
$645 includes 15 weeks of 45-minute private lessons and 12 weeks of 45-minute group classes
$795 includes 15 weeks 60-minute private lessons and 12 weeks of 45-minute group classes

Private Lessons begin August 31.

Suzuki Information Session For New Families – Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 pm, Kulas Building, room 318. Welcome Play In – Sunday, September 20 at 5:00 pm, Kulas Building, Gamble Auditorium

Private Lessons will continue through the summer. Be sure to check with your teacher for changes to private lesson schedules.

For further information contact the Conservatory Outreach Office:

(440) 826-2365,  or fill out the online information request.