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Seniors Launch Great Careers

No wonder they're smiling; these seniors are realizing their dreams already!

Samantha Trott

Major:  English,  Minor: Theatre
Licensure:  Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Language Arts
Graduate School:  University College London
Graduate Program:  MA English:  Issues in Modern Culture

For an experience to be truly felt, it must be felt deeply, and what I believe to be the greatest medium for this is literature.   That is why my career objective is to act as an educational ambassador as a professor of post-modern American literature abroad.   Four years of astute undergraduate study in the fields of American, English, and World literature, theatre, and education has crafted me into an affluent, ambitious scholar.  I am determined now to concentrate my education on specifics, delving wholeheartedly and diligently into my graduate studies and, thanks to Baldwin Wallace, I am well on my way.

This May, after graduation, I will walk away from Baldwin Wallace University with my head held high, knowing full-well that the education provided from within its walls is one that will take me far.  Already, I have a seat held solely for me in University College Londonís prestigious Masters of English program, Issues in Modern Culture.  I truly believe that the education I received not only in the BW English department, but campus-wide, is the main reason for my early success. 

Amanda Smith

Major:  Mild/Moderate Educational Needs, K-12 Licensure
Intervention Specialist/9th Grade Physical Science, Mentor High School, Mentor Exempted School District

After working as a CLC (Career Leadership Corps) member in the Career Services office, I learned of N.O.T.E.D., the education job fair that BW and other area colleges set up to allow new teacher candidates to network with school systems from all over the country.  I attended all of the seminars that Career Services offered to prepare BW students for success and I ended up meeting my current supervisor!

Michael Sollenberger

Major:  Finance
Minor:  Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Franchise Owner, Proforma

My overall experience through Baldwin Wallace University has been beyond any expectation.  I decided to keep an open mind and really utilize everything that BW had to offer. I started with Career Services and began the process of figuring out my career interests.  Through various internship opportunities, academic courses, friends, professors, and mentors that I had met at BW, I feel lucky to be in the current position that I am in.

Thank you BW!

Lauren Wilczynski

Major: Music Performance - Flute
PgDip Programme at the Royal Northern College of Music
Manchester, Lancashire, England

"Some men see things and ask 'why?', but I see things that never were and ask 'why not?'"  --George Bernard Shaw
I believe that the most rewarding purpose we can adopt is that of fulfilling all that we are capable of to the best of our ability.  There is not much worse than consciously unrealized potential, for it indicates that the person within whom it lies has limited him or herself.  The realization of creative potential is not a quantifiable thing, and unlike many fields in which classroom instruction alone can suffice, a quality musical education must provide the student with opportunities to experience great art and from it form a personal concept of what can be achieved if he or she is highly motivated and works hard enough.  Baldwin Wallace has provided many such opportunities.  I have gone to see concerts with the Cleveland Orchestra and Opera Cleveland (formerly Cleveland Opera), studied orchestral and solo repertoire with faculty members who are highly skilled professionals in their field, attended open rehearsals and workshops, and absorbed all that I could from visits by world-famous guest artists and composers.

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