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Career Resources

Cover Letters, Interviewing and Resumes

Cover Letters - Site provides resources to assist with cover letter writing.
Seven Ways to Improve Your Cover Letter - Get your application noticed.
The Letter Writing Guide - Letter writing resource courtesy of Career Services, Florida State University.
The Riley Guide - Advice for cover letter preparation and other job search correspondence.
Interviewing - Comprehensive resource for behavioral interview preparation.
Behavioral Interviewing Tips - Site courtesy of Career Services, Virginia Tech.
Perfect Interview - A simulated interview experience; includes a video capture option, which allows user to record and playback responses to interview questions with a webcam.  Available to current students and alumni. To access, please contact the Office of Career Services at 440-826-2101.
GradView Accepted Resume Formats - Information about resume formats, including sample resumes.
JobStar Central Functional Resume - Defines functional resume format and provides sample resumes.
Hanover College Psychology Department - Outline and instructions to create a curriculum vitae.
JobStar Central CV Page - Curriculum vita defined and outside sources listed.

Career Self-Assessment

Free Career Assessment Tests - Free assessments for career planning.
Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Site provides questionnaire that is automatically scored on the Web.  Free report includes suggestions for appropriate matching careers. - A free online personality assessment:  Do what you are.


Cleveland Area Job Search Advising Assistance

Career Advising Assistance
Cuyahoga County Library Career Center - Free counseling services.
Cuyahoga County Library Career Center has a virtual help line for Cuyahoga County residents.
Employment Connection - A collaborative workforce development system; sponsors include Cuyahoga County and Cleveland's Workforce Development Center.  Site provides resources for job seekers and/or career changers.  Link to access offices of other Ohio counties

Industry Resources

Local and National Industry Resources
Industry Research Desk - Provides links to U.S and international industry home pages in over 30 areas. - Online tool to research companies and industries in specified area.
Occupational Outlook Handbook - Contains information about the job market in each state, expected job prospects, earnings, job search tips and more.
Ohio Department of Job & Family Services - Site provides Ohio labor market information, including a PDF document that outlines occupational trends from 2006-2016.
Projections - Comprehensive resource to search for hot jobs in specific career fields. - Resource to research specific companies, including locations, in various industries.
Valuation - Free resource guide to industry resources and data for over 400 industries.
WetFeet Industry Insider Guides - A valuable career resource to explore specific industry information.


Online Job Search Tools

Job Listings
BW Career Network - a Web-based platform with 24/7 access to targeted employment opportunities, career mentors and relevant resources based on career interests. Contact Career Services for login information.
NACElink Jobs - Job search resource provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
Job Search Engines - Number one online job search for all analyst positions, including entry level. - Free resource that empowers job seekers with jobs, reviews, and salaries, along with hundreds of great career advice articles. - Includes entry level employment listings and information. - Career hub for tech insiders. - Resource for job-seekers that combines technology and networking - Search jobs from company web sites, job boards and newspaper articles - An excellent resource for finding job listings quickly from across the Web. - One search away from 1,000s of jobs - Site provides career and employment services to job candidates
JobMap - A great resource to locate jobs.
Jobs2Careers - Search for entry-level, local and part-time jobs; more than 100K new postings per day. - Find your ideal job and feature to search for latest jobs - Career and job search advice for new college graduates.
Local Area Job Search - Link to jobs in the Cuyahoga County area.
Lorain County Hometown Jobs - Search for employment in Lorain County.
Making the - Research employment in the public service sector.
Maxius - Find local jobs and careers in all professions and industries.
O*Net - System provides easy access to comprehensive occupational information, including wages and employment trends. - Site is resource for those seeking government jobs in Ohio.
Ohio Means - information about job projections and availability - free resource to help job seekers quickly find the job listing site that best suits their needs.
Riley Guide - Free career and employment information.
Simply - Search millions of job listings from across the web. - A global business-to-business directory
Urban Employ Network - Site allows user to select region of interest. - A resource to tap into government employment opportunities.
Women for - National career fair and diversity recruitment information as well as career advice for women.  Site also provides information about home-based jobs.
Workforce - An extensive database of employment opportunities across all sectors nationwide. - Easy access to search jobs by category


Networking Websites and Resources
BW Career Network - Contains CareerConnections, an online database that allows users to connect with alumni career mentors.
LinkedIn - A professional social networking site.  Join the BW Alumni group.

Professional Organizations - Increase your professional recognition within your career field.  Site provides access to resources to help find the right organization(s) for your professional goals.

Riley Guide for Networking - Provides advice on important aspects of the job search.
The Seven Secrets to the Hidden Job Market - A downloadable webinar with information on how to tap into this viable job market.

Salary Information

Research and Salary Information
Bureau of Labor Statistics - Search for wages by area and occupation. - Locate salary information by job title or company
NACE Salary Calculator Center - Access compensation information based on specific search criteria.
NerdScholar Cost of Living Calculator - Compares both qualitative and quantitative data from 300 of the most populous US cities and allows users to segment the data based on their demographic i.e. if student or recent graduate. Learn how  living expenses, like rent, healthcare, and entertainment, will affect salary. - Allows user to research and compare salaries in specific occupations.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources
BrainTrak - Provides in-depth U.S. college and career profiles, including degree and wage statistics.
Business Insider - The 49 Best Ways to Find a Job in Today's Horrible Economy.
Career Coach, The - Practical information and real-world answers to career questions for college students
Free Business Cards - A service of VistaPrint.
Click on icons above to read the newest editions of Job Choices online magazines.  Valuable career-related articles and job search advice. - Resource that reaches beyond general salary/hours questions to introspective issues, such as personal fulfillment, work-life balance and more.
Key Trends for Job Seekers - Information every job seeker should know
Need to Know JOB INFO - NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) online JobChoices Newsletters provide the most up to date information available about the current job market and job search.
Relocation - compares salaries, real estate values, school systems, crime rates and other information for people looking to move.



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