Student Ambassadors

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What are the Student Ambassadors?

A: The Student Ambassador program was developed in 1996 to assist the Alumni Office with the Alumni Weekend program (now called Alumni Celebration). In 2007 the program was redesigned and became a student organization. The intent is to pull together the top BW students into one group that encourages high-level volunteerism and service to the College as well as advanced professional and personal training for the students. The Student Ambassadors continue to assist the Alumni Office with special programming but also serve the President and support the efforts of Admission, Career Services and other departments as requested. These events include the execution of Homecoming, the Athletic Hall of Fame, Founder’s Day, and the pinnacle event: Alumni Celebration. In addition, the Student Ambassadors support alumni affinity groups like the Lettermen’s Association, the Women’s Athletic Alumni Association, the Women’s Club, the MBA Association and the Alumni Council.

Without the Ambassadors’ service to BW, events like these would not be possible as we enjoy them today.  With their success, the Student Ambassadors have extended their assistance to the entire Advancement Office, helping to meet with generous donors and to assist in raising valuable scholarship dollars.  President Durst has used the Student Ambassadors as a point of campus pride when talking with alumni and donors.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A:  Leadership. Volunteerism. Professional Development. Personal Growth. Fun. Friends. These are the principles that the Student Ambassadors support in their mission. Each semester, members are given opportunities to learn the skills not taught in the classroom such as social and dinner etiquette, ballroom dancing, interviewing skills, golf etiquette, resume writing, leadership, art appreciation, and networking to name a few.  Alumna Amy Dawson, the inaugural President of Student Ambassadors and currently Alumni Program Officer for BW described it as “Taking great students and making them better.”  The rewards are great and the friendships lasting.

Q: What type of time commitment is it to be an ambassador?

A: Because Ambassadors tend to be the most involved students on campus,  Student Ambassadors meet for 60 minutes each month and each Ambassador must volunteer for a number of events per semester.  Some large events (such as Homecoming) are mandatory.  While some events take up part of a day, other events involve only an hour or so of service, with varying types of duties and responsibilities.  There is no limit on involvement and those that take on additional service requests and attend the professional development sessions gain additional, valuable experience and have the opportunity to build more relationships with faculty and staff. 

Q: What type of events are Student Ambassadors involved in?

A: Student Ambassadors work a variety of events including Admission events, Alumni Celebration, Homecoming, Community and Family Day, and a variety of banquets honoring athletics, music, education and the arts.  They serve at the call of the President, assisting with events at the President's home and traveling on the road when needed and possible. 

Q: How do I become a Student Ambassador?

A:  Prospective Student Ambassadors are nominated by faculty members, staff, or other advisors/mentors.  The applicants are carefully screened, with finalists invited to the President’s home for a group interview with Advancement staff and other alumni.  Following this event, Student Ambassadors are selected and notified.  Orientation takes place in the spring, with Student Ambassador initiation scheduled just before Alumni Celebration. See the links below for details about the application process. 

Ambassador Application
Ambassador Application Instructions

For more information contact Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Lisa Judge at or 440.826.2106 or contact Recruitment Chairperson Ambassador Jen Evans at


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