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BW formed a partnership with FAE in 1997.  Since that time, multiple groups of Brazilian students and faculty have visited BW and multiple groups of BW students and faculty have visited FAE.  Most recently, we have offered a joint MBA program whereby three BW faculty teach at FAE each summer (their winter) and during our winter (their summer), FAE faculty teach these same students.  This way students can compare US and Brazilian business practices and cultures. 

Currently, Ivan Winfield is teaching at FAE.  Roger Grugle and Peter Rea taught there this summer.  Mac Watson and Pierre David brought a group of MBA students to FAE in May.  Last summer, Harry Bury, Tim Riggle and Will Lutz taught at FAE.  We have had a very active partnership that has included MBA programs offered in Brazil, student/executive short-term seminar visits to BW and FAE students completing course work at BW.  Approximately 100 alumni live in Curitiba - about 50% have earned degrees from BW or joint FAE/BW programs and about 50% attended executive seminars at BW.   

Gilberto Souza has provided leadership for our partnership with FAE and has been an excellent partner to BW.  He has traveled to BW many times through the years and knows BW well.  He consistently refers very capable students to BW.  You will find him to be very easy and capable to work with. 


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