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BW and Tri-C are Preferred Transfer Partners - meaning that our colleges are committed to working together on a common goal - to help students build a bridge from Tri-C to BW.

Innovative programs like Dual Admission and Associate to Bachelor's (A2BW), and great tools like the online transfer guide ... have all been created to make transferring to BW a smooth and positive experience.  We want to help you make every course count toward a BW degree!

Baldwin Wallace University offers Transfer Scholarships ranging from $7,000-11,000, a $1000 Associate's Award, and $1000 Phi Theta Kappa Award.

Tri-C's web site has a page dedicated to how well courses transfer from Tri-C to Baldwin Wallace University.

Courses transferred from Tri-C count directly toward your major or minor, core requirements, or electives -- all are valuable credit toward the minimum 124 credits needed to graduate.  A maximum of 62 semester hours may transfer from two-year or community colleges.  All approved courses with a grade of C or better  will transfer to Baldwin Wallace, given that they fall within the academic scope and level of BW's programs.  Grades of C- or below do not transfer.

Talk with a Transfer Counselor!  Sit down with us on campus (in Berea or BW East in Beachwood) ...we'll review your Tri-C courses and show you what will transfer, answer your questions, and tell you all about the BW experience.  We also visit Tri-C regularly throughout the year, and would love to meet with you there!

Make the most of your Tri-C experience while building a transfer bridge to BW!