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Dual Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

If a student does not complete the requirements of the Dual Admission program, can they still attend BW?

Yes.  In this case, the student must submit a traditional transfer application.  The Admission Committee will review the application to determine admission to the College. 

Can a student transfer prior to earning their Associate’s degree from Tri-C?

Yes, however, the student is strongly encouraged to complete their Associate’s degree and transfer into BW with junior-level standing.  Dual Admission students must complete at least 25 transferable credits at Tri-C, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and completion of ENG 1010, ENG 1020, and either MATH 1200 or 1250. 

Does a student need to declare a major at the time they enter the Dual Admission program?

No.  Students will have the opportunity to complete General Education/Core Requirements first that will count at both schools and allow more time for declaring a major.  However, if a student is ready to declare a major, this will clearly help with the selection of courses at Tri-C and BW.  Students are strongly encouraged to have declared a major by the end of their sophomore year.

Can a student who previously attended another college enroll in the Dual Admission program?

Yes, but they are strongly encouraged to talk with a BW Dual Admission advisor prior to enrollment.  They would still need to complete at least 25 transferable credits at Tri-C to be considered for Dual Admission, so it would depend on how much college work has been completed, at what level, and clarification of the student’s goals and enrollment plans. 

Does a student need to apply for the Transfer Scholar’s or Associate’s scholarship?

No.  When a student is ready to enroll full-time at BW, the Scholarship Committee will review their academic record and award the appropriate scholarship.