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Dual Admission
Baldwin Wallace University

Cuyahoga Community College


Dual Admission is a special transfer program between Cuyahoga Community College and Baldwin Wallace University.  Through Dual Admission, students start their college degree at Tri-C with a commitment of admission to BW.  

From their first courses at TriC, Dual Admission students know they are already on-track toward their goals of earning a bachelor's degree from Baldwin Wallace University. Students may apply and be admitted to the Dual Admission Program directly out of high school or as a college transfer student.  Once admitted to the program,they meet with Dual Admission advisors who can guide them on course selection and advise on program requirements for both TriC and BW.  

Participating in the Dual Admission program allows you to use the classes, services and expertise of two outstanding schools.  Dual Admission ensures that as a TriC student you will take classes that count toward both your Associate’s degree at TriC and your Bachelor’s degree at BW.  You'll know that your transition between colleges will be a smooth one.   And while you're attending TriC, you can start enrolling in a few courses at BW -- and realize huge tuition savings as part of the Dual Admission program!

Benefits of the Dual Admission Program:

  • Guaranteed acceptance to BW
  • One application process for both Tri-C and BW
  • Access to advisors at both Tri-C and BW who will monitor your progress
  • Transfer to BW with junior-level standing
  • Transcripts forwarded to BW from Tri-C at the end of each semester
  • BW transfer scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $9,500 are available for full-time students who have a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Associate’s Awards for full-time students completing their two-year degree who have a cumulative GPA of 2.75.  Phi Theta Kappa Award (Two-Year College Honorary) of $1000.
  • Opportunity to enroll in one class each Fall and Spring semester at BW while attending Tri-C.   Full-time TriC students may enroll in one course a semester at BW for no additional tuition through the Cross-Registration program.  Part-time TriC students receive a 50% discount on BW's tuition for one course a semester, up to four courses.
  • Dual Admission students from TriC who cross-register at BW will have access to BW library and computer labs, career services and internship opportunities, recreational facilities, and access to the BW portal and campus events


For more information about the Dual Admission program or to schedule a campus visit, please contact:

Joyce J. Cendroski

Director of Undergraduate Admission/Transfer Coordinator
Baldwin Wallace University

Janna Whitaker

Sr. Assistant Director of Admission
Adult & Graduate Education
Baldwin Wallace University

Patricia Sweeney

Admissions Counselor
Cuyahoga Community College