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Enrollment Options Program


Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP)

Deadline to apply May 1, 2014

The Baldwin Wallace University Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) provides the opportunity for academically talented high school juniors and seniors to participate in college-level coursework, which enhances the secondary school curriculum. Participation in the program is not intended to replace coursework available at the high school, but rather to complement the high school college preparatory curriculum.  Students who qualify for the program may enroll in college courses under one of two options.

Program Options

Option A: Students enroll in courses to receive college credit only; the student and his/her parent or guardian are responsible for all costs (tuition, fees, and books).

Option B: Students enroll in courses to receive both college and high school credit. The Ohio Department of Education and the school district are responsible for costs associated with the program (tuition and books).  This option is only available for fall and spring semesters.

Contact Information for PSEOP
Krista Pelfrey, Admission Counselor
Office Phone:  (440) 826-2429
Email:  kpelfrey@bw.edu