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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Group Projects

The fall semester is coming to a close, and the professors are looking forward to grading all of our final projects/course papers. This time of the school year can be very hectic for some students, especially if you put everything off until the very end; much like I usually do.

The one thing that is keeping me focused this semester, compared to previous ones, is that many of my finals are group projects. This is really helping me out for many reasons. One, I do not have to do all of the work; my group and I split up the material (evenly and fairly) so that everyone is able to contribute their strengths to the project. Also, my partners keep me on task by setting deadlines of when we need to have everything completed by; this helps keeps my life a little more organized. Speaking of group projects, I am off to Ritter Library to work on one.

That’s all for now.