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Another Year back at Baldwin Wallace!!


Well, it seems like only yesterday we left for our summer break, but now we are back on campus and have been in class for six weeks. (Whew, time flies) So far this year I have been EXTREMELY busy with everything I am involved in. Class, football, homework, my job, and many other things always keep me busy. It is nice to know that there is never a dull moment in my life. (LOL even though I would enjoy some down time every once in awhile) It seems like running on a few hours of sleep a night is becoming a habit.

But now I am back to blogging. At first I was shocked when the Admissions Department asked me to come back because I had no idea that people liked reading my blogs as much as they did. This year I will be more dedicated to the site. (I won’t just write about what is for dinner at Lang Dining Hall, or how the Yellow Jacket Football team did over the weekend) Those things will eventually be discussed though. I will have a variety of things to blog about for you, the reader and prospective BW student. I promise!! Well, that’s all for now.