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Classes Are in the Books...

It is hard to believe but this school year is almost over. (Not like I am complaining or anything though.) It is awesome to know that we have almost a four month summer break this year; I think I heard someone say we have close to sixteen weeks off. There are no more lectures to sit through or notes to write down in a worn-out notebook, which is a huge relief. However, there is one obstacle that stands in between me and my overdue summer vacation….and it is FINALS WEEK. This semester has been fairly easy for me, but my grades will come down to this last week. I have one big test Monday morning, followed by a quiz in my night class later that evening. After those are over I have to turn in a paper and act out a skit on Wednesday. Then I have to give a routine presentation on Thursday, which will be pretty easy. I will be able to breathe a big sigh of relief at about Noon on May 3rd. Well I have to go study and write a paper, so that’s all for now. Wish me luck!!