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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


It has been awhile since my last blog; school has been keeping me very busy and I seem to lose track of time a lot. (LOL) I will start working on a project or an assignment and it feels like only twenty minutes have gone by, but in reality it has been two hours. It probably doesn’t help that I enjoy getting on Facebook and I get consumed with it for a majority of the time. But anyway, it is time for April Reign on the campus of BW. This time of year is very exciting for the students because it lets us socially interact with one another for pretty much the entire weekend. I believe school is important but every once in awhile we all need a break from reality. April Reign provides us with our much needed escape. (It also lets us relax before we have to kick it in for the final two weeks of class.) There are events all over the campus throughout the weekend. Today, at the football stadium, are some of the main “competitions.” This weekend lets frats, sororities, and independent teams compete in a handful of events, to determine who comes out on top. Some of the competitions include: pyramid, obstacle course, TUG, and many others. April Reign is one of the many positive selling points about Baldwin Wallace. This weekend is going to be really fun!! That’s all for now.