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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

It’s Time to Start Teaching

I love this time of the semester, when I stop going to class as a student and start going as a teacher. As you probably know, I am majoring in Early Childhood Education (Pre-K – 5) and am currently enrolled in several methods courses. These courses are set-up around a schedule where you teach (actual students) the last five weeks of the semester. I partook in a course like this in the fall, so this experience is not new to me; a lot of my classmates are nervous about teaching, but I reassure them that there is nothing to worry about. Just go out there and do your best. I am really glad that we finally made it to this point in the year because I enjoy educating young students a lot more than going to lecture sessions (LOL).

Baldwin Wallace does a great job of “placing” students into local schools. The farthest I have ever had to drive was twenty-five minutes. This time around I only have to commute fifteen, which is a great feeling. However, there is some difficulty being presented to me. Since I am enrolled in two different sections of methods (Literacy and Math) I have to teach at two different schools. This will be challenging because I will have to do a great job of managing my time; which is something that I struggle with. I know that this profession is something that I want to succeed at, so I will work hard to change my bad habits. That’s all for now.