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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Crossing Bagley Road

One of the main streets on campus is Bagley Road; it pretty much divides the university into the north and south sides of campus. A lot of the important buildings at Baldwin Wallace hover around the edges of this road. Some of them include: The Lou Higgins Recreation Center, George Finnie Stadium, Ritter Library, Kleist Center for Art and Drama, and many others. These buildings are located near the main street so that those coming to campus have a relatively easy time finding them. Since it is one of the main roads not only for BW but also for the city of Berea, there is a great deal of traffic that flows on it throughout the day. When you are in a rush and trying to get to class or maybe a football workout, sometimes you have to “jaywalk” before the traffic light changes.

This is a risk you have to be prepared to take; although the city of Berea does a great job of timing up the cross-walk lights with the traffic lights, sometimes you just do not have the time to wait. I highly recommend running/speed walking across to ensure that you make it in time. One of my friends refuses to change his pace while he is walking across the road, and somehow he is still in one piece. (He has come close a couple times but the cars always seem to stop.) It is important to make smart decisions while you are in college and this includes choosing when to cross the street. As long as you plan ahead and give yourself a few extra minutes, you’ll never have to rush and take your chance on Bagley Road. That’s all for now.